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Readers Respond: Do You Like BIXI? Do You Hate BIXI?

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BIXI, Montreal's public bike service, started operations May 12, 2009. Have you tried BIXI? Are you a regular user already? What do you think of the public bike service so far? Share Your Experiences!

Language Confusion Lost Business

I had the experience last Summer of being asked by two tourists what the procedure was to rent the bicycles because of the French instructions. Since I've only by in Montreal just a year I was unable to provide them a English translation of the French language instructions on how to use a credit card to rent the bicycle. Bixi is losing business because of language confusion especially relating to tourists from the U.S.A. visiting Montreal in the Summer and Spring months.
—Guest Al MacCorquodale

A Confusing Rip-Off

The bikes looked like they would be fun to ride around on and seemed straight forward. Far from it. The $7 per day charge means nothing. They double the rate every 30 minutes. 2 bikes for 2 hours cost $45 not $14. I called and got the usual BS - "sorry there is nothing I can do". That was the first and last time I rent a bixi bike. No wonder they are hurting financially - no repeat customers. They got me once, but will not get me twice.
—Guest Mike Groves


Beware, tourists will fall for the pricing scheme. If you need to ride a bike for 30min you're fine, but they could be more transparent. I got hit for $134 thinking this was a great idea for $15 bucks. And to the people saying the system isn't misleading, well if there are so many complaints, guess what? Their pay system is misleading. Put it up to capitalism and sleazy marketing.
—Guest scamartist

Would do it again.

Went to Montreal for 2 full days during perfect weather. We didn't research first but had an idea of the extra charges. Just wasn't real sure. Ended up costing $45 for 2 bikes over 2 days. We probably could have cut that down had we been more vigilant. We were with another couple and didn't plan our meeting up time very well. But it was much better than public transit or taxis. We had our own car but traffic there is terrible. Enjoyed every second of peddling for the cost.
—Guest Mdemet

Tourist Observation

As a visitor I am shocked by the number of riders not wearing helmets and the fact that the city encourages this by their BIXI. I really thought it was against the law not to wear a helmet but it must not be here because the police don't stop them. Strange.
—Guest tourist

Beware Ripp off!!!!

In Montreal on vacation. Thought we rented 2 bikes for 24 hrs at $7 each. (On this website see fine print about having to redock every 30 minutes - these stipulations not at all evident at the rental station). Long story short we were charged $74 for what was represented as $14. Do not recommend using. Really, who rents a bike for 30 minutes?. Extremly misleading pricing and details are not provided. Another story of ripping off tourists.
—Guest Kevin D

IT seems no one read the rules

When you pay at the terminal, all of the prices are explained. People in this forum have not read up and are blaming the product. Unfair.
—Guest Me

Question on complainants

1. People complaining about being overcharged: Did you read the rule on the terms of the rent? Do you understand that you must return the bike to a stand every 30 minutes? 2. Leon Shinder - So what if Bixi held your deposit for 5 days as long as they refund it. Sure there is a warning about the deposit required, I see it all the time. Did you read the screen and read the terms or did you ignored it and press accept through all the screen? 3. People complaining about misleading rental cost - I had rent Bixi 3 times and was never overcharged from day one. I understood the terms and conditions, why can't you?
—Guest Torontonian

250 dollars!!

I agree with previous comments. I took a ten minute bike ride and came home to see a 250 charge on my credit card. As a visitor that is a really unclear part of the system. Very dissapointed in this.
—Guest maclean

Terrible system and rip off

So many issues with this system. One time trying to come home, most slots were broken and the remaining ones were taken for all the stations around. I called customer service to ask where I could find a station that has one free slot. They could not help me. After 10 minutes trying to find a solution, I propose that I keep the bike at home and they can come pick it up whenever they want. After bringing the bike upstairs, I call again to confirm that it's ok to do that and that I'll be waiting for them to come pick up the bike. I left it out of sight and decided not to use the service again since broken stations were so frequent. They only came pick it up 2 weeks later, after the police saw the bike on the balcony and invited themselves into my apartment, woke me up and called them. Only then did they decide to send someone. They also charged me $540 for the 2-week period, but because I was a student, decided to be "nice" and reduced it to $270.
—Guest Anon

I had no problem figuring it out

I used bixi a couple of years ago. Although I had never even heard of this system, I was able to understand the rate structure and use it without incurring any extra fees. Unless they have changed the signage since then, I don't see why so many people should be having this problem.
—Guest Happy tourist

BIXI extremely expensive

BIXI in Montreal is an extremely expensive pleasure, waay overpriced.
—Guest igor

BIXI Makes No Sense

Why would i rent a bike to just go 30 minutes and half of that you need to spend trying to find a working docking station to avoid getting billed fees and then hope that the dock works correctly and that you are not charged for a missing bike that is sitting in the dock? Just walk you will get the same air and exercise for free without the hassle of trying to find a new docking station every 15 to 20 minutes.
—Guest ?

Scam Artists

What a rip off - $7 Bike Hire for 24hrs (Plus, we'll double your fare every 30 minutes and let you know we did it on the invoice). I ended up with a $40.00 CAD bill for 3hrs and 20 minutes.. I called and the guy told me that the actual terms are stated on page 4 of their 64-page terms and conditions, which I'm sure everyone takes the time to read in 30 degree heat on that tiny shit screen. NONE OF THIS IS CLEARLY INDICATED!!! What a bunch of losers.
—Guest Karla

Rip Off.Wish I Saw These Comments Before

7$ a day is 7$ a day. Not 7 and some rocket science that ends up with a $454 bill. I could have taken any and all alternate transport and it still would have been cheaper... Canada has always been a pain to deal with every time I vacation there. This time, it's Bixi...
—Guest seriously

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Do You Like BIXI? Do You Hate BIXI?

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