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Readers Respond: Do You Like BIXI? Do You Hate BIXI?

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BIXI, Montreal's public bike service, started operations May 12, 2009. Have you tried BIXI? Are you a regular user already? What do you think of the public bike service so far?


They're perfect for around-town kid-hauling/grocery-getting, etc. I put some platform-BMX-type pedals on, though the Madsen's stock pedals are also quite wide and a great platform pedal, I just thought I'd put these on. I may move to the SKS grip king, but we'll see. And the grips are just some I had lying around and like the look of. It's a great ride. Can't wait to get back to Seattle and borrow it back from Car Free Days. In terms of the Madsen's stock saddle/bars/pedals, it really is just a matter of personal preference. I like the wider Brooks B67 saddle, which I use on some other cargo bikes, so I went with that here. The standard saddle may be preferred by some, it just depends what you're used to and what you like to ride. Because I went for the more upright riding position, I like the wider saddle. If I were using this bike as a bike messenger, for example, and racing around town a little more, and/or preferred a narrower saddle, the stock one would be just fine. I think Madsen's designers were wise to spec the bike with the saddle, bars, and pedals they did: they're good choices, but easily swapped out if someone prefers.

People here are idiots

Ok Bixi is a wonderful system and was meant to be used by people with a brain, apparently not many here! Bixi is a short term rental system to be used as a replacement for Taxi or bus and metro hence the name BIXI short for bike and taxi, so for people going on a 3 hour ride with a Bixi, clearly not the intended use. The 5$ is for a period of 24hour but at a use rate of 45 min max per session, after 45 min there is a surcharge. The way intelligent people use the BIXI is as follows, I want to go from A to B and I like to exercise and some fresh air, I take a Bixi from the stand and I go to point B in less than 45 min. after a short wait time, I can take another Bixi and go from point B to point C or back to point A, no extra charge if I am on the time limit, and within the 24 hour period. If I intend to go for a ride and a piknik , I rent a bike at a rental shop, probably a 30 to 45$ per day charge, but only limited by company operating hours. All of this is CLEARLY INDICATED.
—Guest Carniala

Very misleading!

Same as for many! I thought it will be $7, but end up paying a whopping $23 for 2 and a half hours. Misleading! Very! Disappointed.
—Guest Ilia

never any bixis

Each day I check online to see if there are any bixis it says 2, as soon as I get there, there are none, so I have to walk anyway, just paid out the 78$ and cant even use it, unless its an unsociable hour then there are normally some around, they need to refill more often, or refund us each time we take a picture of our intended travel with bixi, and there is no bikes avail.
—Guest easyrider

Same Problems in Toronto

For a tourist who wanted to use a bike for an afternoon of exploring Toronto's excellent trail system, a 1/2 day Bixi Bike rental would land them with a $70 bill. A full day rate is basically on par with renting a limo for a day! Full breakdown at: http://www.medmonds.com/bixi_bikes_bad_deal
—Guest Mike Edmonds


the terms of rental are clearly misleading- shows $5.75 for 24 hr period- I too paid $48.00 for 3 hour rental- I feel totally ripped off- Not a service I would use again!
—Guest jeff sallans

Never Ever Again!!

The signage is very misleading, I am annoyed by the fact that they actually take $250 off your credit card (instead of a hold). That they don't return that money for 14 days is ridiculous! They clearly are investing your money instead of doing the right thing: returning it as soon as the bike is returned and inspected. No tourist should ever use their service!
—Guest Mark from Brisbane, Australia

Deceptive signage!

I am not an idiot thank you very much, and I too thought that $5/24 hours meant that I could keep the bike for a 24 hour period. Like others, I thought that after the first 24 hours, the first 30 minutes were free and that incremental fees were charged, again, beyond that 24 hour period. Clearly this is a MAJOR problem if so many people were duped by this system. I am extremely disappointed and will not be using BIXI again. What is so difficult about just being clear and upfront about charges?? For instance: "$5 for 30 minute ride, $6.50 for 31-60 minutes, $9 for 61-90 minutes, etc....." What's with the smoke and mirrors?? Boooooo to BIXI!!! :-(
—Guest Pema

Stealing From People Legally

rip off ...seriously 2h and some $21.50 .................
—Guest Dan

You need to READ the terminal

How are so many people being confused. Even the french screen is clear to me. It says base fare + usage fees. If you don't understand french then you should verify. In Toronto it is clear too that there is a base fee then an extra fee for usage. Learn to read people.
—Guest Jerry

Bixi's "Convenient Confusion"

I am one of the "losers"who used Bixi just once and 2 months later I got charge on my visa 70$. Come on! Please could you provide better service to your customers? Can't you"see"there is a problem? Anyways, I will fight to get my money back!
—Guest Anna

Rip Off, Big Style

What a money maker (for BIXI). Big advert: hire a bike for 24hrs $5. Off you go with the bike for 23hrs 50 min. and 4 months later your credit card bill comes in at $70. Luckily for me I kept the receipt and phoned for an explanation, only to be told I should read all the instructions. I calmly (@@#@) explained that I read the instructions but did not see anything about 30 min return times. After a pleasant (@@#@) discussion with the operator he informed me that I will be refunded the overcharge as I did not understand the system and it was my first time use. Be aware it's a money making concern. Keep the receipt until you receive your credit card statement. If you are overcharged call them and explain the issues. I had a good result others have a different story. I will never use them again.


I paid for two bikes in Montreal and only one dislodged and now I am seeing a charge of 35 dollars .....RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!
—Guest Vidya

Being Overcharged (Not Just Day Pass)

This is my 2nd year with Bixi after being a proud user in 2010. Then got disappointed. I got charge $250+ in May for a 22H trip. Apparently something was wrong. This charge showed up in August so I didn't even get a chance to argue (can't even remember what happened 3 months ago). Looked back my history in the last 3 months, my average ride time was 12 minutes with less than 2 KM. But guess what, "sorry, nothing we can do." I asked, "any record showing I called on that day" (I remember I called in May for a broken dock which stayed in yelloweven though I docked the Bixi bike). Bixi's answer, "no, no record." OK, they finally charged me $30 (which I was described as lucky). What if I am not lucky next time? No chance to verify or prove anything. Sorry Bixi. I will have to call and stop my year pass, just to make sure you won't charge my credit card again. And no more Bixi next year.
—Guest Overchange

I Hate Bixi

20 days ago i used Bixi for 24H and $57 was deducted from my Visa and it has not been returned to my visa yet!
—Guest pas

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