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Montreal: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
What's Open and What's Closed Thanksgiving Day...
What's open and closed on Thanksgiving in Montreal? Find out with this nifty guide.
Halloween in the City: Montreal's Top 2014...
Your guide to Montreal Halloween 2014 events and activities for adults, from nightclub parties to ghost walks and more!
A Brief Look at Montreal's Undulating Weather
Knowing Montreal's average monthly temperatures will come in handy if you're planning a trip or relocating.
Does Montreal Even Celebrate Thanksgiving?
Montreal thanksgiving ... do we actually celebrate Thanksgiving, or action de grâce, in Montreal? Depends who you ask.
Montreal October 2014: Events and Attractions...
A Montreal October 2014 Guide. From holiday fun to nightly distractions, your guide to Montreal in October 2014 proposes a little something for every budget and every taste.
The Best Shopping Malls in Montreal
The first of three pages about Montreal's largest, better known or more prolific shopping malls.
Canadian Thanksgiving, Montreal Style: The...
Canadian Thanksgiving falls on the second Monday of October, and depending on where you live, like say in Quebec, it is celebrated differently. If at all.
10 Montreal Costume Shops Worth Checking Out
A Montreal costumes guide ideal for Halloween as well as year-round events, including shop information and price range.
Homemade Applesauce Recipe
Making homemade applesauce is easy! Find out how to with this homemade applesauce recipe.
15 Montreal Brunch Spots You'll Love
Ask ten Montreal residents where's the best place to brunch and you'll get ten different answers. With that in mind, this list has something for everyone, including those looking for something a little different from eggs and bacon, so get out there and enjoy these top Montreal brunch restaurants.
Orchards One Hour or Less From Montreal: The...
Apple picking season, a popular fall activity in Montreal, is from mid-August to late October in Quebec. Discover popular as well as hidden gems in the orchard world an hour or less from Montreal.
Montreal Festivals, Events, and Activities in...
A Montreal Festivals October 2014 Guide. From holiday fun to nightly distractions, your guide to Montreal festivals and events in October 2014 proposes a little something for every budget and every taste.
Braderie de Mode: Montreal's Next Big Fashion...
A Braderie de Mode guide for the 2014-2015 season. The Braderie de la Mode Québécoise, also known as the Big Fashion Sale by Quebec designers, is one of Montreal's most popular fashion sales, a bazaar held twice a year featuring the best in local mid to high end designs attracting over 25,000 shoppers per edition.
Montreal New Year's Eve: 2015 Events
Montreal New Year's Eve 2014-2015 events are countless. But which ones are best bets? If you love going out, dancing to the latest beats and don't mind the crowds or getting your feet a little wet, then my Montreal New Year's Eve top picks are sure to please!
10 Free Things to Do in Montreal
Free things to do in Montreal? Of course there are. Who said budgeting has to pinch? In a city packed with parks and festivals for every season and reason, Montreal is swelling with free events, attractions, and green space.
Montreal Zombie Walk 2014: The Undead Unite...
A Montreal Zombie Walk 2014 guide. Discover when and where to attend the Montreal Zombie Walk as well as how to prepare. A Halloween favorite in Montreal.
All You Need to Know About Montreal Taxis
A Montreal taxis and cab companies guide. In addition to my favorite three taxi companies, I've listed, for your convenience, a handful of Montreal taxi companies that service the central portion of Montreal but I've also included some companies that service the West Island as well as the East End.
Halloween with the Kids: Celebrate the Season...
Montreal Halloween 2014 events for kids and the whole family are plentiful and get started as soon as October kicks off: from the Great Pumpkin Ball to ghastly ghost tours and arts & crafts workshops, there's enough going on to keep kids knee-deep in Halloween frights and fun every weekend of the month.
What's Happening in Montreal This Weekend?
A Montreal weekend events guide. Maximize your Montreal weekend fun with a little guidance and a bit of planning
Ever Gone on a Ghost Walk?
Montreal ghost walks and ghost hunts in 2014 run from June until October. Also known as Les Fantômes du Vieux-Montréal.
What to Expect at Montreal's Hottest Sub Zero...
Igloofest, a series of DJ sessions held outdoors, takes place every weekend in January. Organized by the boys behind the popular Piknic Electronik series.
Montreal's Most Beautiful Grounds?
The Montreal Botanical Gardens is one of the largest nature museums of its kind in the world, with over 22,000 species planted in 30 gardens, ten greenhouses, an arboretum with 7,000 tree specimens to itself, several bird species, friendly koi fish, fearless ducks and more. A place to jog, bring a date, or spend the day in peace, find out everything you need to know before visiting.
Find a Montreal Gym You Can Actually Afford
Joining a gym can be expensive. But these Montreal gyms offer competitive prices perfect for someone on a tight budget. Page 4.
Montreal Foliage: Top 6 Destinations
Montreal fall foliage can be found on practically every street corner, but the following Montreal fall foliage destinations are particularly picturesque, if only for the variety of tree species they offer, a mix of shapes and colors you just can't find everywhere.
Montreal Jazz Clubs Every Jazz Fan Shoul
A Montreal jazz clubs guide. For a city host to the biggest, most important jazz festival in the world, it seems only natural to want to know more about its jazz scene. Enter the following Montreal jazz clubs, arguably the best in the city.
Quebec Fall Foliage Report
A Quebec Fall Foliage report. Fall colors are gorgeous across the province but it can be tricky catching them in their peak glory, as the season varies every year and different regions peak at different times. Find out when and where the season for leaf-peeping is in full swing with this Quebec fall foliage report.
Montreal Concerts in October: From Indie to Big...
Montreal concerts in October 2014, from indie to big tickets, are included in this Montreal concerts listing.
Comedy Festival Montreal 2015: Just For Laughs...
A comedy festival Montreal residents and tourists adore, attracting almost two million spectators every year, find out what's happening at the 2014 Just For Laughs/Juste pour rire festival, a summer must-see! Page 2.
What's UltraAVX Like?
UltraAVX is dubbed the next level of cinema by its creators. What exactly is this next level?
Montreal Airport Bus 747 Express
The Montreal Airport Bus, also known as the 747 Express Bus, runs 365 days a year 24 hours a day. Find out everything you need to know about taking the 747, from the cost to where the bus stops.
Montreal Biodome: Inside A Top Montreal...
A Montreal Biodome guide complete with practical information as well as animal and ecosystem descriptions. An indoor zoo, an aquarium and a botanical garden wrapped into one, the Montreal Biodome is a series of indoor ecological systems that recreate regions in the Americas and poles, the only place in the world that replicates all four seasons indoors.
Pandore: A Montreal Cabaret Destination
Pandore is a Montreal cabaret, a restaurant, a bar and a fifth floor terrace located right on the edge of Montreal's summer festival hub. And it's possibly Montreal's most interesting performance art stage layout, if for its intimacy and inventive setup.
Halloween in Montreal: The Costumes, The...
Montreal Halloween 2014 events for kids and adults as well as a listing of top costume shops are included in your guide.
How to Pay Wayyyyyyyyy Less Than Retail Prices...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Montreal Sales:
Clamato Recipe: How to Make Clamato Juice From...
A clamato recipe for those of you interested in making clamato juice from scratch to drink as is or to make Bloody Caesars, the popular Canadian cocktail.
How Low Does Montreal's Legal Drinking Age Go?
The drinking age in Montreal, Quebec is low compared to the rest of Canada and south of the border in the U.S.A.
Montreal Christmas Events
Find Montreal Christmas events that suit your budget and lifestyle, from special museum exhibits to carols, theatre to ice skating plus several free happenings perfect for the whole family.
Pick a Peck of Pumpkins Near Montreal
Pumpkin patches near Montreal are not quite as abundant as say, apple orchards, but there's nonetheless a handful about a one hour's drive or less from Montreal. And kids love them.
The Only Guide You'll Need To Explore Montreal...
A Montreal fall 2014 guide. Montreal in the fall may seem like a lot of hustle and bustle with locals returning to their daily grind post Labor day. And you'd be forgiven for thinking festival season winds down in turn like, you know, how every other city in North America tempers its parties to make way for, I dunno, business conferences? There's just one thing, folks.
Uber Taxi Montreal
Uber Taxi Montreal information. Uber Taxi is one of Montreal's newer cabbies on the block, at least since November 2013 when the San Francisco based technology startup took root in the city, a year after setting up shop in Toronto and Vancouver with significant fanfare.
Montreal Christmas Celebrations and Events...
Montreal Christmas - or Noël - events and activities as well as shopping options are plentiful, as per usual, and 2014 promises yet another great Christmas season. Whether you love or loathe the holidays, celebrate with or without family, it can be a really fun time of the year, even solo! Tailor a Montreal Christmas - or humbug season - that suits you and your lifestyle with a little help from your Guide to a Montreal Christmas.
What to See in Montreal During Winter 2014
Montreal winter 2015 will be much like Montreal winters from previous years, months that can be nothing short of enchanting for people from out-of-town. As for residents, well, many locals love this city to pieces yet dread the colder, shorter days of Montreal winter life. But somehow, that joie de vivre Montrealers are known for never quite extinguishes itself and legion are those who thrill in its many perks. Find out what they are.
7 Best Sports Bars in Montreal
From Chez Serge to Sharx, check out these seven interesting Montreal sports bars, each with their own unique twist and charm.
Montreal Food Good Enough to Eat
A Montreal food guide to the best in Montreal. In case you haven't heard, Montreal is gaga over food. The city oozes with restaurants, unique culinary traditions from across Quebec and foodies spoiled by an enviable selection of local produce. More recently, TV chef Gordon Ramsay chose Montreal to anchor his first Canadian restaurant venture. But he's not the only one who's caught onto Montreal's food obsession. Find out what Montreal food items are must eats.
IPL Photofacial
IPL, laser, what's the difference? Find out. Page 3.
Never Pay Retail Again in Montreal!
A Montreal warehouse sales and sample sales guide. Want to know when the next price-slashing warehouse sale is scheduled in Montreal? The following resources will keep you in the loop.
What Do You Get When Montreal and Shanghai Join...
Montreal's answer to Imperial China's ancient tradition mirrors the Lantern Festival in many ways. But
Montreal Fitness
The Montreal fitness scene has something for everyone of every budget and taste, from tried and tested Montreal fitness centres to the latest trends in group exercise to gentle low-impact mind-and-body workouts like tai chi. Find the best gyms in Montreal, discover what exercise trends are hot right now and get healthy!
Is Winter in Montreal THAT Bad?
Montreal winter weather gets a bad rep. As it should. It's bloody brutal if you're not prepared. But if you get your wits about you, it can be loads of fun. Or at least bearable.
Montreal New Year's Eve: 2014 Events
Montreal New Year's Eve 2014 events are countless. But which ones are best bets? If you love going out, dancing to the latest beats and don't mind the crowds or getting your feet a little wet, then my Montreal New Year's Eve top picks are sure to please! Page 2.
Montreal's Best High Tea Rooms
Montreal high tea rooms are few and far between. But the Montreal high tea rooms that are out there are rather lovely.
French Swear Words: Tabernacle
French swear words in Quebec generally slur in the direction of the Catholic church. Among them? Tabernacle, one of the more popular curse words from La Belle Province.
Guide to Using BIXI: Montreal's Public Bike...
A BIXI Montreal bike rental guide, complete with clear information on how to avoid being charged excessive usage fees which have plagued more than a few of my readers.
Montreal's Answer to Restaurant Week: How It...
Montreal Restaurant Week Taste MTL is a chance to discover Montreal restaurants, many of which are upscale, at affordable price points every fall season in the city. There is a little caveat I feel compelled to share though. But if you go in forewarned with eyes open, I suspect you'll enjoy your experience much more than if I were to send you in blind and let you find out the hard way.
JUKARI: A Cirque du Soleil/Reebok Workout
Check out the JUKARI move called the Mixed Grip Pull-Up With Kick, one move from an exercise routine that, according to creators Cirque du Soleil and Reebok, makes you feel like you're flying. JUKARI was created in 2008 in Montreal. Page 4.
Montreal This Weekend
Montreal This Weekend is a weekly feature posted on 'Evelyn's Montreal Headlines' covering Montreal's best festivals and top events, providing unbiased information on what's happening in the city since April 2008. In other words, recommendations are genuine guidance, not advertising in disguise.
A pothole damaged my car while driving in...
Find out what you can do if your car is damaged by a pothole in Montreal including information on submitting a claim for damages and filing a lawsuit.
Should You Get an IPL Photofacial? Read This...
A photofacial review. Find out if an IPL photofacial is for you as I walk you through each step of my treatment plan.
Montreal Jobs: Job Search Services in English
Looking for Montreal jobs but can't speak a word of French and at a loss on how to even begin finding work? Maybe you're fluently bilingual already but would like access to employment services in English. Look no further.
Time Change: When Do We Fall Into Daylight...
The time changes twice a year in Montreal, as well as in many parts in the world, masses primed to shift clocks back once in the fall and forward once in the spring. But when exactly is the next time change? Why do we even need to do this? And finally, why do so many of us feel so crappy after shifting into Daylight Saving Time? What can we do to feel better?
Montreal's Public Markets
These public markets in Montreal, also called farmers markets or marchés publics, have a wide selection of seasonal fruits and vegetables from Quebec, maple products from around the corner and you will melt faster than the raw milk cheeses -- many of international acclaim in culinary circles -- available at select markets.
Montreal: What's Open and Closed on Labour Day?
What's open and closed on Labour Day in Montreal? Find out with this nifty guide.
Fall Events in Montreal Worth Your While
You might think Montreal fall events are in short supply after barely recovering from the summer blitz, but we don't call Montreal a city of festivals for nothing. Celebrating god-knows-what is a year-round commitment in these parts and falling leaves is just another excuse to get out there and enjoy life.
French Swear Words in Quebec
French swear words, as with swear words in general, often make reference to bodily excretions, orificial waste, sexual acts, incest, wedlock-free upbringing and sun-deprived body parts. But in our usual stubborn manner, we like to do things a little different here in Quebec. And our French swear words do a fine job of reflecting our unique history and culture.
Your Guide to the Montreal International...
Your Guide to the the largest international fireworks competition, the 2015 International des Feux Loto-Quebec.
Comedy Festival Montreal Just For Laughs (AKA...
A comedy festival Montreal residents and tourists adore, attracting almost two million spectators every year, the Just For Laughs is crawling with hundreds of comedians, A-listers, industry types and more. A summer must-see!
Where to See a Movie in Montreal
Cinema Montreal movie theatre listings. Find a movie theatre in Montreal that suits your budget and tastes, from IMAX to repertory theatre to dollar cinema.
Montreal October Weather
Your Montreal October Weather Guide features information on what temperatures to expect as well as guidance on what to wear on your next Montreal visit in October.
Montreal November Weather
Your Montreal November Weather Guide features information on what temperatures to expect as well as guidance on what to wear on your next Montreal visit in November.
Is the Montreal Jazz Festival THE Biggest Event...
The Montreal Jazz Festival is one of Montreal's largest festivals of the year, attracting crowds in the seven digits.
Underground City: What Lies Beneath Downtown...
Underground city photos of Montreal's subterranean pedestrian network. Find out what lies beneath downtown Montreal with these highlight shots of the largest underground city in the world.
Eating Local in Montreal - Organic Food Baskets
Ever munch on green beans so crunchy and fresh, you could have sworn they were picked yesterday? If you're among the thousands of Montrealers partaking in organic food baskets, they probably were.
Montreal Izakayas
The emergence of Montreal izakayas is a fairly recent phenomenon, with the first batch of Japanese style pubs opening up in the city circa 2010, years behind the trend long-anchored in New York, San Francisco, and even Vancouver. But since then, they've been sprouting up all over the city.
Westmount Greenhouses
The Westmount Greenhouses? Heart at first sight. What is without a doubt one of my favorite oases on the island of Montreal is also the only place in Montreal that houses a banana tree, orchids, deep purple hyacinths, a fountain as well as a shallow, audible waterfall and opens itself to the public completely free of charge.
Montreal Vintage: Shopping the Scene
The Montreal vintage shopping scene is alive, well and hotter than ever. Whether you've gone second-hand to save money, save the environment or save yourself from chucking separates that don't seem to go with anything in your closet, there's something distinctly satisfying about scoring a long lost designer piece or leather jacket that's been off the market for decades. But where are the best Montreal vintage shops? I asked Fashion Magazine contributor Ashley Joseph for some guidance.
STM Montreal - Montreal's Public Transit System
Montreal has a great reputation in the commuting department and residents, compared to other cities in Canada, echo the latter with frequent public transit use. Find out the latest STM fares and rates for using public transit in Montreal. Page 2.
Pumpkin Patch Picking Near Montreal
Pumpkin patch picking near Montreal? Why not? When fall hits the city, a common, seasonal, knee-jerk reaction is to head out to the country for an afternoon of apple picking. But apples aren't the only pick-your-own produce on the autumn block.
St. Joseph's Oratory / Oratoire Saint-Joseph
St. Joseph's Oratory is a pilgrimage site for Catholics in search of healing and support. It's also an architectural sight for sore eyes, a holy site that welcomes anyone of any faith, attracting two million visitors every year. Ranked as one Montreal's most beloved landmarks, a place of countless miracles and unexplained phenomena that just a few years ago, was home to a saint.
Montreal's Hottest Summer Festivals
The best Montreal summer events in 2015, including the world's largest jazz festival, fireworks competition and comedy fest, are conveniently listed right here, complete with descriptions, FAQs and guides designed to take the frustration out of planning. Get the answers you need quickly.
Montreal Winter Events
Discover the hottest Montreal winter events, all happening November through March.
Jamie Oliver's Maison Publique: Derek Dammann's...
Jamie Oliver's Maison Publique is a Montreal restaurant pub serving typical British tavern fare, though if you ask Oliver's partner, Montreal chef Derek Dammann, fish and chips won't be on the menu.
Montreal Santa Claus Parade 2014
Montreal Santa Claus Parade 2014 edition details. Of all Montreal parades, the Défilé du Père Noël is easily the most popular one of the year, attracting in the upwards of 300,000 people.
Montreal New Year's Events in 2013-2014
Montreal New Year's Eve 2014 events are countless. But which ones are best bets? If you love going out, dancing to the latest beats and don't mind the crowds or getting your feet a little wet, then my Montreal New Year's Eve top picks are sure to please! Page 3.
Where to Get the Best Poutine in Montreal
A review of the best poutine in Montreal.
Montreal Museum Exhibits and IMAX Films to...
A Montreal Museums October 2014 Guide, listing the city's main museum exhibits and educational attractions.
Mount Royal Park / Parc du Mont-Royal
Mount Royal Park attracts five million visitors a year and is one of the city's most popular attractions. Plan your next visit to the best know green space in Montreal with a little guidance.
Montreal December Weather
Your Montreal December Weather Guide features information on what temperatures to expect as well as guidance on what to wear on your next Montreal visit in December.
Free Things to Do in Montreal
With so many free things to do in Montreal, my original list just wasn't enough to satisfy my hunger for freebies. Here's a new one, filled with fresh freebies!
Montreal's Best November 2014 Festivals &...
A Montreal Festivals November 2014 Guide. From holiday fun to nightly distractions, your guide to Montreal festivals and events in November 2014 proposes a little something for every budget and every taste.
Montreal Casting Agencies: Movie Extra Work
Finding casting agencies in Montreal that recruit movie extras isn't exactly rocket science. A few searches on Google and 20 minutes of time should be enough to get anyone started. But even that simple step can be daunting to a newbie who knows squat about the business. So I asked a Hollywood veteran in the know.
BIXI Stations: Montreal's Public Bike Service
Find BIXI stations using this BIXI station map, a tool that also indicates how many bikes are available in real-time at each station!
Montreal Fall Activities
What springs to mind when I say Montreal fall activities? Pumpkins? Apples? Maybe some shopping with a side of leaf peeping?
Guide to 2014 Montreal High Lights Festival
Montreal High Lights Festival, or 'Festival Montréal en Lumière', is held every year around the dreariest part of February, lighting up our fine city with events and light shows for two weeks.
The Ultimate Montreal Guide to Picking Them...
Apple Picking Orchards Near Montreal? Take your pick, no pun. There are literally dozens of orchards one hour or less from Montreal. Included in this guide are a comprehensive list of orchards as well as an apple picking solution for those of you who do not have a car. And... I even included recipes to help you figure out what to do with all those apples once you bring them home.
What Does Action de Grâce Mean in English?
Action de grâce is the French expression for Thanksgiving. Translated literally, it means "action of
The Underground City
Underground shopping options in Montreal's underground city are in the four figures. That's more than double the amount of shops in the largest mall in North America.
Montreal Flu Clinics
Montreal flu clinics have been sprouting up since November 9, 2009 in response to what appears to be a growing concern in Quebec and Canada over swine flu, also known as the H1N1 virus. Find out where they are and more important, when you should consider visiting one.
Montreal November 2014 Events and Attractions
A Montreal November 2014 Guide. From holiday fun to nightly distractions, your guide to Montreal in November 2014 proposes a little something for every budget and every taste.
The Best Outdoor Skating Rinks in Montreal
A Montreal skating rinks guide to the 2014-2015 season. An affordable must on the list of Montreal winter activities and often a free of charge outdoor activity for those who bring their own skates, Montreal skating rinks offer an affordable activity for all sorts of occasions, whether you're contemplating first date possibilities, family activity options or are looking for something to fight off seasonal blahs. So don't hesitate to check out these top skaing rink choices, all in the city!
Montreal Winter Weather by Month
A Montreal winter weather guide with climatological details on a month to month basis, complete with information on average temperatures, average snowfall and advice on what to wear to stay warm and toasty.
Canada Foliage in Montreal and Quebec: My...
Canadian foliage destinations in Montreal and Quebec are anything but in short supply. Included in this guide are my favorite fall foliage destinations in Montreal as well as a foliage report anyone considering a day of leaf-peeping should consult before heading out.
Guide to Montreal Snow Village 2014
A Montreal Snow Village 2014 activities guide. The Montreal Snow Village, a Montreal winter attraction which debuted January 18, 2012, is a Canadian and North American first, the only snow village of its kind to be built in a major metropolitan area worldwide.
Montreal Snow Village: Get the Scoop on...
A Montreal Snow Village schedule and admission fees guide. Find out how much it costs to visit the Montreal Snow Village as well as what admission includes.
Montreal: Your Summer Bargain-Shopping...
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Montreal Floralies Gardens - Jardins des...
The Floralies Gardens or Jardins des Floralies is 25 acres of horticultural history. Originally created by some of the world's best landscape artists who participated in the 1980 International Floralies fair, the gardens became a permanent city fixture and are now maintained by Parc Jean-Drapeau.
Free Yoga Classes in Montreal
Finding a yoga studio in Montreal is not particularly difficult. Finding a yoga studio in Montreal that offers free classes is another story and yes, they are far and few in between. I scoured the city and found an almost handful of freebies as well as a couple of very affordable options!
Drinking and Driving Laws in Quebec
What happens if you get caught driving under the influence? What happens if you refuse a breathalyzer? Read up on the latest laws and penalties for drinking and driving in the province of Quebec and avoid a driving suspension, save money and most important of all, save lives.
Montreal Postal Codes
Montreal postal codes - or zip codes, a term rarely used in Canada - are easy to find with this postal code finder tool.
Kurios Review: Cirque Preview and Photo...
Photo © Clint Lewis Kurios, Cirque du Soleil's latest creation, premiered last week but apart from an exclusive media preview a couple of weeks prior,
Time to Say Goodbye to the Blog and HELLO to...
Well folks, the time has finally come. The blog section (Headlines) on About.com Montreal is being deprecated as of June 2, 2014 to make a way for About.com's
How Much Can I Drink Before Driving in Montreal...
One of the main causes of driver fatalities in the province of Quebec, driving under the influence is not just risky, it's deadly. Find out how much you can safely drink before hitting the road.
Some Fireworks With Your Christmas?
Montreal Christmas fireworks, also known as TELUS Fire on Ice are an annual tradition at the Old Port, every Saturday in December. Find out when the next 2014-2015 holiday season fireworks are scheduled.
Montreal June 2014 Events, Festivals, Concerts,...
Just a quick note to say your Montreal June 2014 calendars, complete with information on the month's hottest events, festivals, concerts and museum exhibits is
Kyozon Asian Bar: Montreal Does Kaiten Zushi
Photo courtesy of Kyozon Sushi Bar Kaiten is anything but new in Japan and select international destinations such as San Francisco, New York, and
See Maple Syrup Made at a Montreal Sugar Shack
Sugar shacks in Montreal do exist. We call them urban sugar shacks. But we've also got good old-fashioned cabanes a sucres too, just on the outskirts of the city.
Montreal Nuit Blanche 2015: The Foolproofing...
Montreal Nuit Blanche is the city's all-nighter, a night where organizers encourage residents and visitors to stay up till the wee hours of the morning and partake in close to 200 mostly free activities involving culture, food, music and outdoor fun.
Xavier Dolan Wins at Cannes: Mommy Scoops Up...
Above: Mommy writer/director Xavier Dolan with the film's lead, Anne Dorval. Dolan and Dorval previously collaborated and co-starred in the Montrealer's
Apple Picking in Montreal Without a Car:...
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Montreal Shopping Online: Flash Sales Worth the...
Montreal shopping online can be great. Or a drag. Find out the pros and cons of flash sale online shopping from a Canadian perspective. And find out which online shopping companies best cover the needs of a Montreal online shopping fiend who wants the best labels at the lowest prices.
Montreal Garbage Collection
A Montreal garbage collection guide. Find out when to take out the trash, recycling, green waste and large objects with this convenient online tool. Includes information on how to dispose of dead leaves in Montreal.
Eva B
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Montreal's Most Romantic Restaurants
Montreal's most romantic restaurants? Whether you're celebrating a wedding anniversary, toasting a birthday or looking to woo a loved one on Valentine's Day, the following Montreal restaurants bring something unique to the table, from a romantic atmosphere to prime service to quality cuisine at prices that, while not exactly cheap, won't set you back a month's rent.
Montreal Jobs Online
Find Montreal jobs the easy way. Online! Consult your one-stop reference for a successful and exhaustive Internet job search of employment opportunities in Montreal.
Montreal January Weather
Your Montreal January Weather Guide features information on what temperatures to expect as well as guidance on what to wear on your next Montreal visit in January.
Bois-de-Liesse Nature Park
Bois-de-Liesse Park is 159 hectares (393 acres) of old growth hardwood and silver birch forests in northwest Montreal, circled by Bertrand brook's streams and home to American beavers, turtles and woodpeckers.
Montreal Gay Village: A Montreal Neighborhood...
One of the largest gay villages in North America, find out more about living, working and playing in Montreal's Village Gai or
Play Ping Pong, Drink Up, And Chow Down
Ping Pong Club is a Montreal bar. And pub. And sorta sports bar. But in a non-sporty barsy way. Like if you squint and stare crossed-eyed into the room? It's almost sporty. A sporty bar. But not. Located in the former digs of Royal Phoenix.
Planning to Celebrate New Year's in Montreal?...
New Year's in Montreal is a BLAST. If you play your cards right and plan for an evening you won't soon forget, you'll see exactly what I mean.
Montreal Bike Rentals
A Montreal bike rentals guide. Find out where to rent a bike in Montreal. Includes listings covering Montreal's top tourist-attracting neighborhoods.
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts: The MMFA
A Montreal Museum of Fine Arts guide. The internationally renowned Montreal Museum of Fine Arts attracts hundreds of thousands to their temporary exhibitions as well as their impressive permanent collection.
Montreal Fall Holidays
A Montreal fall holidays listing, complete with information on what's open and what's closed on each statutory holiday.
Montreal Santa Claus Parade - Défilé...
There's more than one Montreal Santa Claus Parade, or the Défilé du Père Noël, and this one is the biggest, an annual parade held on Ste. Catherine Street in the heart of downtown Montreal.
Discover Montreal's Best Cross Country Skiing...
Montreal cross country skiing trails are all over the city. Find out where you can rent skis for the day and discover one of the most underrated sports of the season.
Montreal Terraces, Terrasses or Patios
Montreal terraces, or 'terrasses' as locals call them, are an omnipresent city feature come springtime, an integral part of the Montreal lifestyle which stays put as long as it's warm enough to enjoy patio life, a season lasting some time between April and October, weather (and outdoor heater) permitting. And they're everywhere. But if I had to narrow the list down and play favorites, the following Montreal terraces would get first dibs.
Montreal April Weather
Your Montreal April Weather Guide features information on what temperatures to expect as well as guidance on what to wear on your next Montreal visit in April.
Montreal Tea House Cha Guan - A Review
Montreal tea house Cha Guan takes tea time to a new level. Read a review of the experience.
What's Open and Closed in Montreal on Christmas...
What's open and closed in Montreal on Christmas and New Year's Day? The city pretty much shuts itself down on those two days, but there are exceptions to the rule. Find out what they are.
Orange Julep Gibeau: A Montreal Favorite
Orange Julep is one of Montreal's most beloved dining institutions featuring weekly car shows in warmer months. Wolfing down a hot dog while ogling a modified hot rod, there's no other place like the Orange Julep in Montreal. Or Canada. Or anywhere else for that matter.
Montreal Irish Pubs - A Top 5
'> Photo © Evelyn Reid I like McKibbin's (the downtown one that is, never been to their other locations).
Montreal Fall Weather
Montreal fall weather is mixed bag of pleasant temperatures and common downpours, a prime time for leaf peeping and apple picking as summer days make way for crisp winds and shorter, cozier days. Click through for a month by month guide to the season, complete with information on average temperatures, average rainfall and advice on what to wear for the season.
A Walking Tour of Petite Patrie
From housewares to clothing, wedding dresses to furniture, Plaza St-Hubert is a great place for bargain hunters. Page 6.
Montreal's Hottest Concerts in November: 2014...
Montreal concerts in November 2014, from indie to big tickets, are included in this Montreal concerts listing.
Montreal Fashion and Design Festival 2014
Find out more about the Montreal Fashion and Design Festival in 2014 including a list of top events, all free to public. Page 2.
Are You a Montreal Resident? Do You Want to...
Accès Montréal, also called the Montreal Access Card, can save Montreal residents money on everything from the latest museum exhibits, spa treatments and even day camps for kids. Find out how to get your own Accès Montréal card.
Eating Local in Montreal - Organic Food Baskets...
Ever munch on green beans so crunchy and fresh, you could have sworn they were picked yesterday? If you're among the thousands of Montrealers partaking in organic food baskets, they probably were. Page 2.
Yoga Jeans
A Yoga Jeans Second denim profile. Second Denim, a Montreal denim company founded in 2000, is best known for its line of Yoga Jeans, a denim line named as such to demonstrate the claim that these jeans are so comfortable, you could do just about anything while wearing them. Naturally, I put their claims to the test.
Le Maître Chocolatier
Le Maître Chocolatier, to my humble knowledge, is the only business of its kind in Montreal that opens specifically at tea time, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesdays through Sunday. And it stays true to the ceremonial English tradition which, in recent decades, has fallen to the wayside.
Quebec Ski Resorts: A Few Best Bets
Quebec ski resorts -- we've got 80 and counting -- come in all shapes and sizes. Some are ideal for Sunday strollers, others are party central and there's a handful of runs that have what it takes to humble a pro. Here's a handful of the best Quebec ski resorts have to offer.
Mount Royal Cemetery in Montreal
One of Canada's and possibly among North America's most stunning cemeteries, the Mount Royal Cemetery
Place des Festivals: Where Is It?
Montreal's biggest festivals, such as the Montreal Jazz Festival and Just for Laughs use the Place des
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