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Les Sources Château de la Rivière Fronsac 2009

Montreal Winer Review: Les Sources Château de la Rivière Fronsac 2009


Les Sources Château de la Rivière Fronsac 2009, a Montreal wine review of the Bordeaux region wine.
Image courtesy of Château de la Rivière
Les Sources Château de la Rivière Fronsac 2009 is a medium red I had the chance to sample at an Apéros Bordeaux event in Montreal. Out of the four Bordeaux region reds I tried, this one stood out from the pack, a dry, medium-bodied option that goes down smooth and smells lovely.

SAQ Description: "Garnet in colour, this red boasts a medium nose exuding woody, spicy, fruity and vegetal aromas. Discover this medium-bodied wine expressing refreshing acidity and offering a broad texture and fleshy tannins. It also unveils a medium mouthfeel that leads into a medium finish."

In English: If you've never gotten into the habit of smelling your wine before taking a sip, now would be the time. Les Sources Château de la Rivière Fronsac 2009 proposes predominant scents of berries and roasted cocoa and truth be told, it almost smells better than it tastes. Not the heaviest red, it's still a solid mouthful. Part Merlot, part Cabernet Sauvignon, the former provides a fruity punch while the latter brings in the tannins, deepening the flavor without being overwhelmingly bold. A lovely, balanced finish. Just remember to let the wine breathe in the glass and swirl it around for a minute or two before drinking to soften the tannins*, which are kind of astringent without that grace period. Use a decanter if possible.

Price: $19.65 CAD**

*Tannins are the reason your mouth can feel dried out or like a cat's tongue after sipping red wine.

**Note that price, as listed on the Société des Alcools du Québec website, is subject to change without notice.

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