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Domaine du Noble Loupiac 2009

Domaine du Noble Loupiac 2009


Domaine du Noble Loupiac 2009, a Montreal wine review.

Above: noble rot on Sémillon grapes to be picked by dessert wine producer Domaine du Noble. The proliferation of this grey fungus followed by proper dehydration of the grapes is the key to the sweetness of many a dessert wine, notably Sauternes.

Photo courtesy of Domaine du Noble
Domaine du Noble Loupiac 2009 has got to be my favorite dessert wine. Mind you, I tend to say that with most dessert wines I try. But bear with me on this one. There's something special about this 85% Sémillon/15% Sauvignon Blanc blend, which I discovered at an Apéros Bordeaux event in Montreal.

SAQ Description: "This sweet and fruity white displays a complex and medium nose. On the palate, its lively acidity and full-bodied texture precede a long finish."

In English: Love love LOVE this dessert wine. It's lighter than your typical Pineau des Charentes or Sauternes, and I'm not just talking about its effect on the wallet. A subtle, refined, refreshing flavor with pronounced acidity that balances out its honey-esque sweetness just enough to prevent a cloying reaction, Domaine du Noble Loupiac 2009 is a BARGAIN for its taste. And the sweetness coats the mouth and as with its pricier counterparts, lingers long past the final sip.

Price: $23.70 CAD*

*Note that price, as listed on the Société des Alcools du Québec website, is subject to change without notice.

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