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The Underground City


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Underground Shopping
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Montreal's underground city may very well be the biggest shopping promenade in the world. Why 'may' and not 'is'? There's been no official confirmation that my conclusion -- published March 11, 2011 -- is fact.

Photo by Flickr user i.m.indraneel
Underground Shopping in Montreal: The Largest Shopping Mecca in the World?
From Les Cours Mont-Royal to Complexe Desjardins, your average shopper can breeze through most of downtown Montreal's major shopping malls without hopping on the metro or going outside.

But it might take a while.

Montreal's underground city connects shoppers to anywhere from 1,600 to 2,000 stores, depending on the information source consulted. That range is comparable to the number of storefronts found in the five largest malls in the world, if not higher. That's also more than double the stores at the West Edmonton Mall, North America's biggest shopping centre.

In other words, Montreal's underground city may be the biggest shopping promenade in the world.

Who knew?

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