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JUKARI: A Cirque du Soleil/Reebok Workout


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JUKARI Fit to Fly: What Is It?
jukari cirque du soleil reebok
Photo courtesy of Reebok
JUKARI Fit to Fly is the culmination of a Cirque du Soleil/Reebok partnership intent on making exercise more fun for women. Injecting a touch of artistry into the workout mix to counter exercise boredom with a "smile while you're sweating" routine inspired by Cirque du Soleil moves, JUKARI was developed in 2008 in Montreal at the Cirque du Soleil headquarters.

Reebok claims JUKARI Fit to Fly is an effective one-hour workout combining aerobics, strength training, balance exercises and core training. If that's true, then a one-hour session of JUKARI would be comparable to a more traditional one-hour workout with, say, a treadmill session (aerobics/cardio), free weights (strength training) and calisthenics.

Now, find out about the FlySet, the key to flying during a JUKARI workout.

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