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Your guide to the healthy side of Montreal. From the Montreal Canadiens to yoga centers, get information on Montreal's pro sports teams and improve your well-being with information on Montreal health and fitness clubs, parks and special outdoor activities. Most importantly, find out where you can unwind in peace and tranquility.
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Pole Fitness
Pole fitness is poised to become an Olympic discipline, becoming more popular than ever as a way to get fit and have fun. But what is it exactly? Who is it for? And where you can learn how to do it?

Montreal Medals at the 2012 London Summer Olympics
Greater Montreal area athletes are not in short supply among Canada's best and brightest who qualified to compete in the 2012 London Summer Olympics. In honor of their achievements, I've put together a photo gallery featuring Montreal-based Olympic medalists.

Jennifer Abel: An Olympic Diver in Photos
Following in the medal-lined footsteps of older diving contemporaries Emilie Heymans and Alexandre Despatie, if any Greater Montreal Area diver is going places, it's Jennifer Abel.

Canadiens Fans in Action
Canadiens fans are a feisty, engaged bunch, with a reputation for rabid Habs support in and out of hockey arenas, particularly during playoffs when fair weather masses join the troops as they wake from their regular season slumber. Check out a few shots of Habs fans in action.

Jennifer Heil: A Success Story in Photos
Jennifer Heil is a Canadian athletic success story, a freestyle mogul skier who's won Olympic gold and a string of World Cup championships. Discover her career in pictures.

Olympic Speed Skaters From Quebec at the 2010 Winter Olympics
Meet Olympic speed skaters from Quebec attending the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. List including athlete bios of medalists Clara Hughes and Charles Hamelin.

Montreal Winter Activities
Montreal winter activities, from skating to sliding, are affordable, easy to learn and and a lot of fun. Find out what's on offer, where the best spots are for these winter sports in the city and how much it costs to rent equipment.

Montreal Forest Treks
Montreal forest treks are one of the city's many winter perks, a chance for families, singleton nature enthusiasts or even couples looking for a touch of outdoor romance to explore local flora and fauna by foot, by snowshoe or via cross-country skis under the stars, guided by a naturalist.

Kicksledding in Montreal: "Trottinettes des Neiges"
Kicksledding has been around more than a century in Scandinavian countries but kicksleds have only recently crossed the ocean, with but a half-handful of Montreal parks renting them out. Find out where.

Montreal Cross Country Skiing Trails
Montreal cross country skiing trails are all over the city. Find out where you can rent skis for the day and discover one of the most underrated sports of the season.

'La Glissade': Montreal Slide, Sledding, Tobogganing Sites
The ultimate kid's playground come winter, snow hills perfect for sliding pop all over the city as snowfalls multiply through the season. But most of those hills are small and don't have staff renting out sleds, toboggans or crazy carpets. The parks below do rent out sliding equipment and offer more sliding surface.

Montreal Snow Tubing / Inner Tubing
Montreal inner tubing options are grossly limited in the city, even though sliding down a hill in an air-filled doughnut is possibly the most beloved activity in these parts.

Verdun Skating Rink Bleu Blanc Rouge
Verdun skating rink Bleu Blanc Rouge is a state-of-the-art outdoor skating rink made possible by the Montreal Canadiens' Children's Foundation. The size of a National Hockey League regulation rink, the Verdun skating rink is open as early as November and stays open well into March thanks to an artificial cooling system that guarantees a...

Snowshoeing Montreal "en Raquettes"
Your Montreal snowshoeing guide covers over 50 km of trails. Called 'raquettes' in French, discover one of the city's many winter activities.

Montreal Alouettes Grey Cup Parade in 2009
The Montreal Alouettes 2009 Grey Cup parade held December 2, 2009 attracted thousands of fans, possibly six figures worth, a turnout sports news broadcaster RDS's David Arsenault claimed was more impressive than their last Grey Cup parade, in 2002.

Montreal Fitness: A Few Good Workouts
The Montreal fitness scene has something for everyone of every budget and taste, from tried and tested fitness centres to the latest trends in group exercise to gentle low-impact mind-and-body workouts like tai chi. Find the best gyms in Montreal, discover what exercise trends are hot right now, check out one of Canada's largest extreme …

Le Taz Montreal
Le Taz Montreal is a sports centre that offers a space for acrobatic and speed inline skating, skateboarding and BMX biking. A new addition to Montreal's sports and recreation scene since spring 2009.

Montreal Gym Scene: Find a Montreal Gym For Your Budget
Find a Montreal gym that fits your budget and lifestyle. Start your fitness centre search with the following reputable clubs, roughly categorized by price.

Miranda Esmonde-White's Esmonde Technique, Essentrics & Classical Stretc
Miranda Esmonde-White is a Montreal stretch instructor, an elite fitness guru, a TV personality and in many ways, she's a modern day healer (seriously folks, this is not a stretch, just read on).

Montreal Climbing Facilities: 'Mur d'Escalade'
Montreal climbing facilities, also called 'mur d'escalade', French for climbing walls, are easy to find with this list.

Botanical Gardens Montreal: General Information
The Montreal Botanical Gardens is one of the largest nature museums of its kind in the world, with over 22,000 species planted in 30 gardens, ten greenhouses, an arboretum with 7,000 tree specimens to itself, several bird species, friendly koi fish, fearless ducks and more. A place to jog, bring a date, or spend the day in peace, find out...

JUKARI: A Cirque du Soleil/Reebok Workout
JUKARI Fit to Fly is the culmination of a Cirque du Soleil/Reebok partnership intent on making exercise more fun for women. Injecting a touch of artistry into the workout mix to counter exercise boredom, a "smile while you're sweating" routine inspired by Cirque du Soleil moves, JUKARI was developed in 2008 in Montreal, at the Cirque du Soleil headquarters.

Montreal Summer Camps - Camps d'Été
Not sure where to find summer camps in Montreal and across Quebec that are certified, fun and safe for your kids?

Montreal Skating Rinks: Atrium le 1000
Easily Montreal's best indoor skating rink is a fantastic excuse to get active! With a glass dome overhead and zero weather constraints, Montrealers can glide on the ice year-round and skate in comfort, wearing as little as a pair of shorts and a tank top.

Emilie Heymans in Pictures
Emilie Heymans is one of Canada's best women divers in the history of the sport. Described as one of the world's most beautiful divers to watch in action, click on the links below for an illustrative review of Emilie Heymans' prolific diving career, a three-time Olympic medalist from St. Lambert in the Greater Montreal area.

Olympic Divers from Montreal at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing
Learn more about Canada's Olympic divers living in and around Montreal, making up seven tenths of the Canadian Olympics Diving Team in 2008, including Olympics medalists Emilie Heymans and Alexandre Despatie.

Alexandre Despatie: Facts and Stats
Learn more about superstar diver Alexandre Despatie, an Olympic gold medalist born in Montreal and raised in Laval.

A Closer Look at Montreal Beach Plage Doré
Come take a closer look at the very accessible Montreal beach Plage Doré, located in Parc Jean-Drapeau.

Plage Doré: A Montreal Beach Review
Between a race track and a casino, find out more about Doré Beach ("Plage Doré"), one of two Montreal beaches accessible by public transit.

Gilles Villeneuve Circuit
Host to two major international racing events, including the F1 Canadian Grand Prix, the Gilles Villeneuve Circuit glams it down most of the year but still sticks out as a picturesque street circuit ideal for cyclists, pedestrians and inline skaters.

Montreal Floralies Gardens
The Floralies Gardens or Jardins des Floralies are 25 acres of horticultural history, originally created by some of the world's best landscape artists who participated in the 1980 International Floralies fair.

The Montreal Canadiens Official Website
Read up on Montreal's 24-time Stanley Cup winning hockey team, our beloved Habs.

Montreal Alouettes Official Website
Read up on Montreal's football team, the Alouettes.

Montreal Gazette Sports Reports
Check out the latest scores of your favorite teams in The Montreal Gazette's sports section.

Montreal Impact Official Website
Check out Montreal's soccer team, the Montreal Impact.

Montreal's Green Spaces - Parks
Learn about Montreal's network of 17 large parks. Brought to you by the city of Montreal website.

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