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Ventes Trottoirs St. Laurent Street Sales, Street Fairs and Sidewalk Sales 2014

MainFest Events in 2014


mainfest st saint laurent street fair sidewalk sale ventes trottoirs

Street sale on St. Laurent Boulevard in progress. Note that the atmosphere shifts as the sun sets, when the event turns from street fair to an almost open-air clubbing experience.

Photo © Evelyn Reid
St. Laurent Boulevard, also known as "the Main" is a high street shopping destination in Montreal, not quite as "budget" as, say, Plaza St. Hubert courtesy of a handful of high-end brands selling their wares such as Montreal's own M0851. Regardless, St. Laurent street fairs, sidewalk sales, or ventes trottoirs as well call them in Quebec, even the purchasing field two to three times a year with clearance sale prices on apparel, housewares and accessories. These outdoor events are hands-down the most fun of their kind in Montreal, particularly if you hate shopping.

Browse clothing sales, get a street massage, down delicious oyster shots, refrain from audible hot-or-not comments while people-watching as you sip on a martini at one of the Main's multiple terraces and enjoy all the cheap street food you can eat. And if your timing is right, catch live entertainment, from DJ sessions to other surprises that inevitably occur at the most vibrant street fair in the city.

Section of St. Laurent Boulevard Closed to Traffic
St. Laurent, from Sherbrooke to Mont-Royal, is closed off to traffic for the duration of each street fair with the exception of June's Grand Prix on the Main, which extends along a shorter stretch, on St. Laurent from Shebrooke to des Pins (map).

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