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Montreal sales are happening all the time. But how does one find out about the biggest and the best?

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Montreal Sales: How To Find the Best Deals in Town
Deep discount sales. Three words that sum up the best way to save money on clothing, accessories, even housewares. But you used to have to work in manufacturing, know somebody, or know somebody who knows somebody to get the scoop on the kind of deals that wipe roughly 50% to 80% off retail prices.

Montreal Sales Ripe for the Picking
In recent times, it's become much easier to find out about the biggest and best deep discount sales thanks, at least in part, to the Internet as well as the surging popularity of vintage shopping. So how does a bargain hunter get organized in the 21st century? Enter your ultimate Montreal sales guide, compiled by a self-confessed chic-on-a-budgetista, About.com Montreal's Evelyn Reid.

Montreal Sales: Four Ways to Save a Lot of Money
Aching to shave 50% to 80% off retails prices on apparel, accessories and housewares? Wishing luxe were more affordable? Stop wishing and start shopping.

  • Montreal Warehouse Sales
    Warehouse sales, samples sales ... the terms seem interchangeable these days. But what they do have in common is the discounts are deep. Very deep. But you have to work for it.
  • Vintage Shops
    Whether you've gone secondhand to save money, save the environment or save yourself from chucking separates that don't seem to go with anything in your closet, there's something distinctly satisfying about scoring a long lost designer piece, vintage poster or leather jacket that's been off the market for decades. Doesn't get much more exclusive than that. And the prices can be incredible. But which Montreal vintage shops, friperies and secondhand stores should be on every fashionista's shortlist?
  • Montreal Shopping Online: Flash Sales Worth the Checkout
    You won't believe some of the deals you can score on luxury brands via flash sales, a fairly new way of shopping online. But not all flash sale sites are made equal. At least not for Canadians.
  • Montreal Sidewalk Sales
    Sidewalk sales are basically street fairs with great shopping deals, cheap eats, live entertainment and activities for kids, which are often part of the experience, ideal for anyone snooping for sales as well as for families looking for something to do that pleases the whole clan.
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