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Your guide to shopping in Montreal, from budget savvy boutiques to spendthrift shops including information on shopping centers, retail and liquidation outlets, farmer's markets, local artisans and designers, specialty stores and guided shopping tours.
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Montreal Sales: Sign Up For Sample Sale Announcements
The best Montreal sales are often sample sales. With deals that wipe out up to 80% of the retail price off clothing, accessories and sometimes housewares, find out when the next Montreal sample sale is happening in town.

Montreal Gift Ideas
Montreal Gift ideas is a guide chock full of gift ideas are either made by Montrealers, distributed by Montrealers, serviced by Montrealers or sold by Montrealers. Whether it's Christmas or some other occasion, this Montreal gift guide has a little something for every taste and every budget.

Montreal Accessories Box: The Coffret MMM
Coffret MMM is a box. A Montreal accessories box. It's filled with, in no particular order, fashion accessories and/or jewelry, coupons, Montreal-themed postcards or photos featuring local talent as well as other surprises, sometimes ones you can eat.

Braderie de Mode Designers
The Braderie de Mode is a huge fashion sale held in Montreal twice a year featuring the work of over 100 local designers, including the following favorites I insist you check out.

Eden Park: Rugby Fashion Comes to Canada
Eden Park, a haute casual rugby fashion brand, launches in Canada, or more specifically, Montreal, a brand keeping the likes of Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Lacoste on their toes.

GlossyBox Canada: Beauty Box Montreal Launch
GlossyBox Canada subscription beauty boxes propose an affordable way to sample cosmetics before paying full price on products that may or may not work. Some say it's a rip off service, others claim it's the best way to test products without paying full price. I looked into GlossyBox to see for myself.

GlossyBox Canada Reviews
Do you like GlossyBox? Do you hate Glossybox? Share your experiences.

Montreal Warehouse Sales
Want to know when the next price-slashing warehouse sale is scheduled in Montreal? The following resources will keep you in the loop.

Braderie de la Mode: The Big Fashion Sale by Quebec Designers
A Braderie de Mode guide. The Braderie de Mode Québécoise, also known as the Big Fashion Sale by Quebec designers, is one of Montreal's most popular fashion sales, a bazaar held twice a year featuring the best in local mid to high end designs attracting over 25,000 shoppers per edition.

Montreal Shopping Online: Flash Sales Worth the Checkout
Montreal shopping online can be great. Or a drag. Find out the pros and cons of flash sale online shopping from a Canadian perspective. And find out which online shopping companies best cover the needs of a Montreal online shopping fiend who wants the best labels at the lowest prices.

Warehouse Sales Survival Guide
Never been to a warehouse sale? To some, it's a deep discount dream come true. To others, a bona fide nightmare. But it doesn't have to be so awful. Find out how to do warehouse sales the less painful way.

Museum Quarter: Upscale Boutique Shopping in Downtown Montreal
The Montreal Museum Quarter, better known as the Quartier du Musée, is a tiny stretch of downtown's west end, that, in spite of its name, is better known as a luxury shopping destination than a museum haven.

Skate Montreal: Buy Ice Skates
Planning ice skating in Montreal this winter season but don't own skates? If you're planning on going a few times this year, you might want to buy a pair. It could end up cheaper than renting.

Vente de Trottoir: Montreal Sidewalk Sales
Vente de trottoir is French for "sale of the sidewalk," and regardless of whether they're called sidewalk sales, street fairs or even 'braderies', Montreal loves them. Find out when the next one is scheduled in the city.

Laurier Avenue West: Upscale Boutique Shopping in Uptown Montreal
Laurier Avenue West, between de l'Épée and St. Laurent, is an upscale shopping destination in uptown Montreal with all the makings of a sartorial and foodie playground.

Ventes Trottoirs St. Laurent Street Sales, Street Fairs and Sidewalk Sales
St. Laurent Boulevard, also known as the Main, is not the most budget-friendly shopping destination in Montreal. But St. Laurent street fairs, sidewalk sales, or 'ventes trottoirs' even the purchasing field two or three times a year with clearance sale prices on generally mid-end apparel.

Vente de Trottoir: Montreal Sidewalk Sales in May
Vente de trottoir is French for "sale of the sidewalk," and regardless of what you call them -- sidewalk sales, street fairs or even 'braderies' -- Montreal loves 'em. Find out when Montreal's sidewalk sales are held in May 2014.

Montreal Shopping Malls
Montreal's largest/better known/more prolific shopping malls are all on this shop-a-holic checklist.

Montreal Costumes
From fairies to naughty nurses, apes to renaissance men, these Montreal costume shops have it all.

Eating Cheap in Montreal: Where to Buy Ingredients To Make Split Pea Soup
Contrary to popular belief, junk food is not necessarily cheaper than a healthy, tasty meal. And eating cheap in Montreal can be easy. Let me show you how you can make tasty split pea soup for only $0.40 a bowl!

Montreal Public Markets
These public markets in Montreal have a wide selection of seasonal fruits and vegetables from Quebec, maple products from around the corner and you will melt faster than the raw milk cheeses -- many of international acclaim in culinary circles -- available at select markets.

Eating Local in Montreal: List of Farmers Selling Organic Food Baskets
Ever munch on green beans so crunchy and fresh, you could have sworn they were picked yesterday? If you're among the thousands of Montrealers partaking in organic food baskets, they probably were.

Eating Local in Montreal: Are Organic Food Baskets for Me?
Do organic food baskets suit your lifestyle? Find out the advantages and disadvantages of buying organic food baskets from local farmers.

Organic Farms Near Montreal - Contents of an Organic Food Basket
Joining the CSA bandwagon and signing up for weekly access to fresh produce from organic farms near Montreal is not so much a new concept. But many uninitiated to the ways of CSAs are still in the dark as to what they can expect to receive on a weekly basis once harvesting starts. Find out what's in a weekly organic food basket, right here.

Sandra Phillips' Smart Shopping Montreal
Sandra is the Montreal shopping consultant for all the media in Montreal.

Plaza St. Hubert
From fetish wear to literature, be prepared for an eccentric, fun and yes, gaudy shopping experience. Move from shop to shop outdoors under the refuge of Plaza St. Hubert's four-block long awning.

Montreal Eaton Center
Montreal's major downtown shopping artery. You've got a day of shopping covered with the Eaton Center's 175 boutiques, a food court, access to the Montreal Underground City and several other nearby shopping centers like Place Montreal Trust.

From Louis Vuitton to Lacoste, Montreal's upscale shopping destination. Inquire about Ogilvy's personal shopping service with the center's personal shopping consultant, offered at no extra charge.

Montreal Christmas Shopping
Montreal Christmas shopping options are many. Overwhelmingly so. So what Christmas fairs are best bets for those of us with no time to scour every bazaar on the block? Which ones have the most artisans/gift ideas gathered in one spot?

Complexe Desjardins
Across the street from Place des Arts, check out the Complexe Desjardins' 110 boutiques and many restaurants.

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