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Montreal September 2014: Events and Attractions

Montreal September 2014: Events and Attractions


Two seasons. One month. A time for apple picking, improbable artistic manifestations and lanterns galore, September is not letting go of summer just yet!

1. September 2014 Festivals

montreal september 2014 events Les escales improbables de Montréal
Image courtesy of Les escales improbables de Montréal
From apple picking to apple trains Montreal squeezes September's outdoor potential for all it's worth with hundreds of free artistic activities, a healthy dose of POP, Comiccon and more.

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2. September 2014 Music, Concerts, Live Shows

montreal september 2014 events concerts festivals
Depeche Mode performed in Montreal last September. September 2014 concerts TBA. Getty Images

3. September 2014 Museum Exhibits

montreal september 2014 museums exhibits world press photo
Photo © Samuel Aranda courtesy of World Press Photo

4. September Weather

montreal september 2014
Photo © Evelyn Reid
Montreal's legendary summer humidity generally tapers off by Labour Day, although the region is known to enjoy its fair share of mild, sunny Indian summers. But even when the mercury dips, the temperature is fairly pleasant, around room temperature, on average.

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5. Reader-Submitted Events

montreal events 2014
Daniel Berehulak / Getty Images
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