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Vergers / Orchards Near Montreal

Apple Picking One Hour or Less From Montreal


apple picking montreal season orchards vergers pommes

Apple picking in the Montreal area is a seasonal favorite, running from mid-August to late October.

Christopher Furlong / Getty Images
Apple picking season, a popular fall activity in Montreal, lasts from mid-August to late October in Quebec.

Below are a few dozen orchards ("vergers" in French) within an hour's driving distance from Montreal, sorted by general direction. Apple hot spots like Rougemont and Mont St. Hilaire are renowned for their orchards but you might find end-of-season lineups and overall traffic less than appeasing at these highly frequented vergers. Consider trying out Frelighsburg and Dunham, both border towns southeast of Montreal, or St. Joseph-du-Lac's apple country on the North Shore as alternatives, with their own share of lesser-known yet picture perfect orchards.

Also, if you want to go apple picking but don't have a car or would like to leave it at home, then consider hopping on the Apple Train.

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