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Quebec Ski Guide: 2013-2014 Season

Quebec Ski Guide: Where to Ski, When to Ski and How to Save Money on the Slopes


Quebec Ski Guide: 2013-2014 Season
If you grew up in Montreal or anywhere across Quebec, chances are you've slipped on a pair of skis and snowplowed down a hill at least once in your life. It's kind of hard not to in a location that would freeze hell over six months of the year. Add to that chill eightysome alpine ski hills scattered throughout the province of Quebec and over 200km of cross-country ski trails on the island of Montreal, and you've got yourself a local rite of passage. If you aren't from here, keep reading. You're about to find out some Quebec skiing insider secrets.

1. Quebec Ski Season: 2013-2014

quebec skiing ski season 2013 2014
Mike Powell/Allsport / Getty Images
Quebec ski season varies every year as it depends on snowfall, even though many resorts produce man made snow. Read More

2. Quebec Ski Conditions: 2013-2014

quebec skiing ski conditions 2013 2014 downhill alpine
Photo by Flickr user mpich3
Ski conditions, as with ski season, are naturally contingent on the weather. And not all skiers are comfortable with the same conditions. Some are unfazed by ice patches. Others thrive on powder. But some would prefer and wait for loose or even wet, granular snow conditions to kick in if they can help it. So before heading out, check the state of downhill skiing conditions at your mountain of choice to see if they match your skiing preferences, skill and comfort levels. Read More

3. Quebec Ski Hills: Top Three Regions

quebec skiing ski resorts 2013 2014 regions hills
Photo courtesy of Mont Orford
Locals are spoiled rotten with so many ski hills to choose from in Quebec. People in the know have no problem choosing a resort to suit their tastes but what about everyone else? And what about people who know nothing about Quebec? What regions are worth checking out first? Read More

4. Quebec Ski Resorts: Beyond Tremblant

quebec skiing ski resorts 2013 2014 season
Photo by Flickr user il714
Quebec's poster child ski station, Mont Tremblant has been voted the top Ski Resort in Eastern North America by Ski Magazine for 11 consecutive years. And going by popular ski and travel magazines, websites and guides, you'd think Tremblant is the only ski resort in Quebec. Read More

5. Quebec Skiing on the Cheap: Lift Pass Discounts

quebec skiing deals 2013 2014 save money cheap lift passes
Photo by Flickr user 416style
Do you want to ski a lot this season and save money doing it? Sure, you could buy a season pass at your favorite resort, but does it bother you that it restricts you to skiing the same runs for months at a time? Read More

6. Quebec Skiing on the Cheap: Night Skiing Near Montreal

quebec skiing cheap night 2013 2014 skiing montreal ski
Photo courtesy of Bonjour Québec
Need to get away for a few hours but don't want to go too far or pay too much? In town on business with an evening to spare on a spontaneous run? Maybe you're on a tight budget and as a result, haven't skied in years. Solution? Night skiing. I've got three solid bets for you, all one hour or less from from Montreal. Read More

7. Quebec Skiing Freebie: Just for Kids

quebec skiing free passes 2013 2014 snowpass kids children
Photo by Flickr user meddygarnet
SnowPass is a Canadian Ski Council program that allows kids of a certain age to ski free! Find out if your child qualifies for one. Read More

8. Cross-County Skiing in Montreal

quebec skiing cross country ski montreal 2013 2014
Michael Heiman / Getty Images
An affordable, easy-to-learn activity, cross country skiing is a great sport suitable for all ages, and Montreal has got over 200km of trails covering the city. Read More

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