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Osheaga: A Music Festival Guide


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Osheaga: A Montreal Music Festival Guide
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Written by Evelyn Reid - California has Coachella. Glastonbury has, well, Glastonbury. And Montreal? We've got Osheaga, a three-day summer smorgasbord of the music industry's hottest acts, from indie to top 40.

A music festival held in Parc Jean-Drapeau every summer since 2006, Osheaga is usually scheduled in late July and/or early August for three days, featuring several stages starring a wide variety of trending musical properties, from the established to the emerging, often playing at the same time but spread out across the grounds, part and parcel of Osheaga's charm: as with other major international outdoor music festivals, attendees can discover dozens of acts in the course of one day, sometimes three or more in the span of one hour as booked talent have overlapping stage time. Osheaga is expected to attract 135,000 people over its three-day run, a significant leap from its 80,000 record in 2011.

The Osheaga 2014 edition runs August 1 to August 3, 2014 and features some amazing headliners. Three-day festival passes are available as of March 2014. One-day festival should be available some time in May 2014. Buy tickets.

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