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Montreal November 2013: Events and Attractions

Montreal November 2013: Events and Attractions


So it's November. I know, I know, the July events seemed to breed a little more excitement and anticipation. But don't judge November too quickly cause we've got pre-holiday fun, the finest in French film on schedule, and you'll be pleased to know there are still a few events and shopping locations devoid of Christmas jingles. For now.

1. November 2013 Festivals and Highlights

Montreal November 2013 events and festivals.
Kristian Dowling / Getty Images
Expect only the best in French film at Cinemania, Montreal Restaurant Week Taste MTL features over 100 participating restaurants proposing prix-fixe menus, don't forget to remember, and get a head start on the Christmas season with a touch of Santa here and here.

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2. November 2013 Music, Concerts, Live Shows

montreal november 2013 events music concerts
Paramore performs November 18, 2013 at the Montreal Bell Centre. Getty Images

3. November 2013 Museum Exhibits

montreal november 2013 museums exhibits exhibitions
Above: Claudie Gagnon's work 'Tableaux (To Beauty)' as exhibited at the Quebec Triennial 2011.

4. November Weather

montreal november 2011 weather
Photo © Evelyn Reid
From a freakishly summer-esque day to a bone-chilling arctic experience, anything can happen in Montreal in November. But it's not as bad as it sounds. And while it's not time for down-filled coats just yet, remember to bundle up. Think wool overcoat and/or lightly insulated fall jackets with a sweater or layer of fleece underneath. And bring out those gloves and scarves. You'll need them.

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5. Reader-Submitted Events

montreal november 2011 events
Daniel Berehulak / Getty Images
Have a Montreal event to propose? Post it right here.

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