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A Walking Tour of Petite Patrie


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Petite Patrie - A Gem of a Neighborhood
A Walking Tour of Petite Patrie
Photo © Evelyn Reid
Rosemont-Petite Patrie, a relatively understated borough, is coming out of the shadows. Attracting former Plateau and Mile End residents relocating in response to increased gentrification, the borough boasts affordable rent, an increasingly vibrant community and its image is revitalizing day by day.

Those considering a relocation to this neighborhood should be aware that speaking French is a must in these parts. Little Italy is more bilingual than the rest of Rosemont-Petite Patrie but it is still vital to be able to understand and speak at least basic French to get around.

Well-known for its east side, housing Montreal's internationally acclaimed Botanical Garden, Olympic Village, Insectarium and Promenade Masson, today we'll be exploring the other side, better known as Petite Patrie.

This walking tour starts at the corner of Châteaubriand Avenue and Beaubien Street. If you're taking the subway, be sure to exit at Beaubien Metro. Most importantly, be ready to walk because there's a fair deal of food to eat along the way!

First stop: Café Coyote at the corner of Beaubien Street and Châteaubriand Avenue.

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