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Ice Bar Amarula


Montreal Ice Bar Amarula
ice bar montreal amarula
Photo © Evelyn Reid
Ice Bar Amarula
Written by Evelyn Reid - From "5 à 7 Hot & Cold" happy hours to "Hockey Night" specials, Montreal ice bar Amarula -- "ice bar" as in a bar made completely of ice with an ambient room temperature of -2°C to -5°C (23° to 28°F) -- is part and parcel of North America's first snow village. And on a particularly busy night, expect condensation, droplets of water dripping onto patrons as the room's collective body heat revs up the mercury. One barman I chatted with claimed he was warm enough to work in a t-shirt one shift.

Debuting its 2013 nightlife run as of January 4, 2013, the Montreal ice bar runs its season in tandem with the village's surrounding ice hotel and ice restaurant, until March 21, 2013.

Ice Bar Amarula: What's On Tap?
Mulled wine, beverages served in ice glasses, they've even got hot cocktails. Details.

Ice Bar Amarula: Expect a Cover Charge
Patrons must pay the Montreal Snow Village admission fee to access the bar. Details here.

For more information on upcoming events and promotions, visit the Amarula Ice Bar webpage.

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