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Hip Hop Karaoke Montreal


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Kanan Kasuya Dishes the Dirt on HHKmtl
Hip Hop Karaoke Montreal is not karaoke. At least not per se.
Photo © Evelyn Reid
While catching the December 2012 edition of Hip Hop Karaoke Montreal, I grabbed twenty-four-year old law student Kanan Kasuya right after she got off the stage shouting “I did it!!! My New Year's resolution!” Feeding off the crowd, who were going nuts over Kasuya's performance, I had to know why she wanted to go up there at all.

Evelyn Reid: You were fantastic up there! But was what that about a New Year's resolution?

Kanan Kasuya: I wanted to overcome stage fright. And I just did!!! I loved singing music, and I always sing in karaoke [bars] but to go up on stage like this is totally different.

Evelyn Reid: So this is your first time doing Hip Hop Karaoke?

Kanan Kasuya: No, it's my second.

Evelyn Reid: Your second? What happened the first time?

Kanan Kasuya: The first time I sang Nas, Memory Lane. But I froze! I basically went up there and by the third verse, I forgot the lyrics. And I panicked. Thank GOD for this one guy in the front. He knew the lyrics, and he basically started rapping for me, and then I remembered where I was in the song. So this time, [going up there] was about overcoming that blank out, that stage fright, and just doing it! And I'm really surprised by the crowd, how supportive they are and how they said I had a strong presence. This is amazing.

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