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Montreal Bars, Live Venues, Dance Clubs and Adult Entertainment

Discover Montreal's bustling nightlife scene including bars, live venues, dance clubs, adult entertainment and even the swingers scene.
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Montreal Terraces, Terrasses or Patios
Montreal terraces, or 'terrasses' as locals call them, are an omnipresent city feature come springtime, an integral part of the Montreal lifestyle which stays put as long as it's warm enough to enjoy patio life. Whether they're linked to restaurants, bars or high rise rooftops, they're everywhere. But if I had to narrow the list down and play...

Montreal Jazz Clubs
A Montreal jazz clubs guide. For a city host to the biggest, most important jazz festival in the world, it seems only natural to want to know more about its jazz scene. Enter the following Montreal jazz clubs, arguably the best in the city.

SuWu is Montreal's first hip hop eatery, a foodie foray part pub, part nightlife destination signed event production lifestyle brand Saint Woods.

W Montreal's 5-à-10
W Montreal's 5-à-10 has got to be one of my favorite happy hours in the city. Let me tell you why.

Hip Hop Karaoke Montreal
It doesn't matter how many karaoke nights you've experienced. It won't prepare you for Hip Hop Karaoke. At least not Hip Hop Karaoke Montreal. Maybe that's because in many ways, it's a misnomer.

Atame Montreal Aphrodisiac Restaurant
Atame is Montreal's one and only aphrodisiac restaurant, an intimate ode to the senses that extends beyond food, incorporating live music and cabaret into the fold.

Ice Bar Amarula
Montreal ice bar Amarula lives up to its namesake, as it is in fact made of ice. Some glasses are made of ice as well. And visitors are advised to keep their winter jackets on, at least until the booze kicks in.

Le Saloon: One of My Favorite Montreal Gay Village Hangouts
Le Saloon, a Montreal restaurant meets club, is one of my favorite hangouts in the Gay Village. Find out why.

Eskmo: An Exclusive Interview
Eskmo, a.k.a. San Francisco based artist/producer Brendan Angelides was in Montreal for a live performance at Igloofest, a winter music festival that attracts thousands of electronic music fans undeterred by the concept of dancing for hours during the coldest month of the year. I had a chance to sit down with him and chat a bit about where he's...

Igloofest Photos
I bet you've heard of Igloofest, but have you actually seen Igloofest? Montreal's outdoor winter music festival is one of the best nightlife events to hit the city every winter, as thousands laugh and dance in the face of January's wind chill.

Review of Station des Sports, A Sports Bar in Montreal
You want to watch the game but don't want to pay more than $4 for a pint of lager? You want a huge burger with fries and salad with your hockey playoffs for $7, no frills, no rip-offs? Then get yourself to Station des Sports.

Club 281: A Rare Sneak Peak Inside Montreal's Premiere Erotic Cabaret
Club 281 is Montreal as well as Canada's only erotic cabaret for women featuring full frontal male nudity. A rare opportunity was afforded to the media to capture what goes on inside the ladies club during its 30th anniversary. Keep clicking for your exclusive sneak peek.

Club 281 in Montreal
Club 281, Montreal's famed erotic institution just for women, is the only cabaret featuring full frontal male nudity in Canada. Find out everything you need to know about 281's history, events and special services.

Velvet Speakeasy: A Montreal Nightclub Review
I'm usually reticent about reviewing nightclubs. Their in-ness versus out-ness factor changes so quickly, I'd have to be on the nightlife beat full-time to keep you fine readers in the loop. Enter Velvet speakeasy buzz circa October 2009 which left me wondering, should I even bother checking things out? Have we got another fizzle-going-flat in...

Drinking Age in Montreal
The drinking age in Montreal is low compared to the rest of Canada and south of the border in the U.S.A.

Winter Bar
Montreal's Winter Bar is a one-of-a-kind locale: ice skaters sip warm cider after (or during!) a good skate, electronic music fans dance to DJ sessions in full parka wear, and there's also room for those who just want to unwind in the chilly, down-to-earth atmosphere of one of the city's more interesting nightlife destinations.

Montreal Irish Pubs - A Top 5
I was chatting up a charming Irish bartender and after he served me a delicious Guinness/cider hybrid, I revealed my identity and admitted that I was preparing a piece on Montreal's Top 10 Irish pubs. He paused, looked at me incredulously and said "you mean Montreal's only 10 Irish Pubs?!" Point taken. And now, for your top 5.

La Champagnerie: Montreal's Bar à Sabrage
La Champagnerie is Montreal's one and only bar specializing in champagne and all things bubbly. And sabery. The Old Montreal hot spot is taking carbonated vino to the next level, offering an on-the-spot saber service for select champagnes, reawakening the masses to the noble art of sabrage. That's fancy talk for whack-open-bottle-with-sword.

Top Montreal Sports Bar Picks
Everyone in Montreal knows about Cage aux Sports. But what about our city's other fine sports bars? From eccentric to casual, there's a bar for every kind of Montreal sports fan. So without further ado, check out these top six picks.

Le Cheval Blanc Brewpub
Montreal's first licensed microbrewery. Enjoy an Imperial Pale Ale or a one-of-a-kind cherry beer in this welcoming Latin Quarter pub.

Nightlife Magazine
Excellent Montreal nightlife resource.

Club Parking
Dance like everyone is watching at Parking, Montreal's largest gay club. It's for men only but Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays are open to the straight crowd. Thursdays are a best bet for fine spinning from resident and guest DJs.

Montreal Nightlife Info
A great resource for checking out Montreal's non-stop nightlife. Reviews by venue type including dance clubs, bars, pubs, lounges, afterhours and strip clubs.

Time Supper Club's Stevie B Hamron on Montreal
Chatting on Time Supper Club's red carpet during Grand Prix weekend before spending some time in the club's V.I.P. Section with actors Emile Hirsch and Max Ryan, I asked Time co-owner Stevie B about his current projects, what the Miami-based event planner has in store for his hometown of Montreal, and what he thinks, having sampled the world over, Montreal needs to do to be an internation…

Quebec Swingers Association
Find out everything you need to know about Montreal's vibrant swingers scene by contacting the Quebec Swingers Association.

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