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Things to Know About Living in Montreal


Whether you're new to Montreal or have lived here all your life, there's always something you need to know, from how to report a pothole to what to throw in your recycling bin to where to shop for deals and steals across town. And this section will continue to grow month by month so come back soon for updates!
  1. Cheap Food and Affordable Groceries
  2. Montreal Restaurants Reviewed
  3. Stress Release in Montreal
  4. Getting Around Montreal With No Car
  5. Plague of the Potholes
  1. Finding a Job in Montreal
  2. Drinking and Driving Laws
  3. Recycling Cans and Can'ts
  4. Voting in an Election in Montreal

Cheap Food and Affordable Groceries

fresh fruits vegetables jean talon market groceries food cheap affordable

There are so many ways to save money on food in Montreal, especially when it comes to fresh produce. Below are a few strategies, resources and shopping destinations that should be on every penny pincher's list.

Montreal Restaurants Reviewed

montreal restaurants reviews reviewed

You work hard for your money. So when you go out for a meal on the town, you want value for your dollar. Get the real inside scoop before taking a foodie risk in these tough economic times. The Montreal restaurants listed below have been frequented and reviewed with rigor, down to the last tabletop. Find out how much you should expect to spend, if it's worth the price, what kind of wine to order (or bring), even what to wear!

Stress Release in Montreal

meditation stress release reduction

Let's face it. When times are tough, stress invariably goes up. But you can make that stress work for you! Channel it into something positive and enriching. The following suggestions are accessible to nearly everyone in Montreal, from young to old, rich or poor, fit or sedentary. And they go a long way in releasing the strains and pent up tension of everyday life. Some might even keep the doctor away, acting as a preventative measure, saving you money that could otherwise be lost to sick days, therapy and medication.

Getting Around Montreal With No Car

montreal subway metro public transit transportation

Commuting in Montreal without your own automobile is convenient, affordable and relatively safe. And with one third of Montreal households not even in possession of a car -- including public transit head honcho, Michel Labrecque, the chairman of the board of the Société de transport de Montréal! -- it's in this city's best interest to keep public transportation a viable and green alternative to using a personal vehicle.

Plague of the Potholes

montreal potholes infrastucture

Montreal potholes appear every spring in the tens of thousands. They trip us up, screw with our shocks and wreak havoc on our tires. Enough! Fight back. Learn more about Montreal's ongoing infrastructural saga and find out what you can do to minimize vehicular damage and maximize your right to a smoother ride. Welcome to your Montreal Pothole Survival Guide!

Finding a Job in Montreal

montreal jobs search listings

Unlike every other North American city, Montreal is a French city. And I won't lie or gloss over: finding a job in Montreal as a unilingual anglophone without a pre-existing network of connections is hard! Speaking fluently as well as reading and writing in French is considered essential for many, if not most jobs in this city. Mind you, exceptions to this rule exist and examples are many. Still, my best advice to anyone who is not bilingual, without a network, and is considering moving to Montreal is 1) learn French asap, and 2) start a Montreal job search before relocating. Below are a few leads to get you started!

Drinking and Driving Laws

montreal quebec cars vehicles drinking and driving laws impaired impairement

The province of Quebec's blood alcohol limit may seem lax compared to the rest of Canada but be prepared to feel the full (and expensive) effect of the law if you drink and drive in Montreal and get caught.

Recycling Cans and Can'ts

recycling Montreal bins recycle recyclage bacs

Can you recycle No. 1 plastics? How about No. 6? And what about that pizza box? Save yourself the trouble of constantly wondering and find out what you can and can't recycle in Montreal, once and for all, with your guide, just below.

Voting in an Election in Montreal

how when where to vote voting montreal municipal provincial federal

Find out how, where and when to register to vote, locate your neighborhood polling station and more.

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