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Your guide to community resources for everything from green living to resources for people with disabilities, families, teens, seniors, the gay and lesbian community and more.
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Time Change: When? Why?
The time changes twice a year in Montreal, as well as in many parts in the world. But when exactly is the next time change? Why do we even need to do this? And finally, why do so many of us feel so crappy after shifting into Daylight Saving Time? What can we do to feel better?

Montreal WiFi Hotspots
Montreal WiFi spots offering free wireless Internet access to laptop users keep multiplying in the city and organizations like Île Sans Fil are making it easier than ever to hook up, free of charge.

Montreal Medical Clinics
Montreal medical clinics, or 'cliniques' in French, are easy to find with this resource, which includes listings for walk-ins clinics, CLSCs, hospitals and specialized health centres in Montreal.

Stephen Harper... L'Hostie?
Did Stephen Harper eat the host? Or not? That was the question on every Catholic's lips when the Canadian prime minister was caught stuffing the holy communion wafer in his pocket. And since Montreal is roughly 74% Catholic as per Statistics Canada, I had to ask myself, especially since I too was confronted with a similar situation years ago.

Montreal Fashion Trends Proposed for Spring/Summer 2010
As much as Montreal fashion magazines and style leaders confidently assert what will be "in" as if it's fact, forecasting what trends will be hot six months from now is as hit-or-miss as predicting the weather. Ultiately, it's you, the consumer, who decides what is "in," so tell me, what do you think of these upcoming spring and summer fashion trends?

Montreal Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer 2010 - Favorite Montreal Fa…
I spotted a few trends at Montreal Fashion Week slated to break through in the spring and summer of 2010. Do you like them? Hate them? What would you rather see on the runway?

Montreal Weather Canada Forecasts
Montreal weather Canada forecasts are not always accurate, which shouldn't come as much of a surprise. So when you need something better than an educated guess, compare these leading meteorological sources to see if their Montreal weather forecasts line up.

Montreal Postal Codes
Montreal postal codes -- or zip codes, a term rarely used in these parts -- are easy to find with this tool.

Montreal, Défi-Climat & Global Warming: Fight Global Warming at Home
Défi-Climat is a climate awareness campaign held in March and April, a challenge involving several hundred organizations and businesses urging Montreal residents, as well as all Quebecers, to fight global warming and commit to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, also referred to as carbon dioxide footprints. Défi-Climat proposed 24 ways to do that in 2009. Below are five strategies that, o…

Free Things to Do in Montreal - Free Meditation in Montreal
A meditation a day might very well keep the doctor away! With more and more studies confirming the undeniable benefits of meditation, why not try out a practice that is not only easy to learn, it's an affordable, even free activity! So check out these organizations offering free meditation classes in Montreal. And if you have a little something...

Free Yoga Classes in Montreal
Finding a yoga studio in Montreal is not particularly difficult. Finding a yoga studio in Montreal that offers free classes is another story and yes, they are far and few in between. I scoured the city and found an almost handful of freebies as well as a couple of very affordable options!

Tai Chi Classes in Montreal
Tai chi is practiced by millions in China and it's more mainstream than ever in the west as a form of low impact exercise and as a stress reduction technique suitable for nearly everyone of every fitness level, including athletes, young children, seniors and people unable to participate in moderate to intense aerobic activity. Find out where you...

Montreal "Share-Stores" or Magasins-Partage
An alternative to food banks, Montreal's magasins-partage help people and families in need, giving them the freedom to choose the food items they require (e.g., a diabetic in need is not in a position to just eat anything they're given at a food bank and a family from India might not eat the same diet as a family from the Ukraine) while asking for a donation equivalent to 10% to 15% of the actual cost of the food selected in the share-store.

Montreal Locavore Resources
From verifying if a food product is truly organic to locating public markets and organic food baskets filled with local produce in Montreal, the following resources will come in handy for anyone considering or already living a locavore lifestyle in the city.

EcoHabitation (French Only)
A fantastic resource for anyone interested in sustainable building and renovation. Includes a "green pages" listing 150 companies that offer environment-friendly building materials and resources in the Greater Montreal Area.

Single Parents: Social and Recreational Activities
Created in 1989, the Single Persons Association of Montreal organizes social, sports, and community activities for single parents as well as singles over 35. A wide range of activities in store including bowling, dancing, tennis, theater and more.

Head & Hands: A Youth Resource with Heart
An amazing resource and safe haven every Montreal teen should know about. Head & Hands offers a wealth of non-judgmental support and free services to teens and youth ages 12 to 25, including medical services, a legal clinic, young parents program, drop-in center for teens and counseling services.

Adaptech: A Research Network for Students with Disabilities
Excellent information hub for students with disabilities. Get access to and learn more about computer software adapted to the needs of different disabilities, including learning disabilities. Includes a list of free adaptive software such as dictation software and optical character recognition.

Montreal Gay & Lesbian Community Center
CCGLM serves the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual and transgender community, providing administrative and technical support to LGBT groups in Montreal. CCGLM also operates the Open Book Library, over 6,000 books and thousands of articles and periodicals on homosexuality. The largest documentation center of its kind in the French world, and one of the few libraries on homosexuality in Canada.

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