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Things to Do in Montreal


Find things to do in Montreal, a bustling, live wire of a city. From its annual events, attractions, festivals, holidays and celebrations to the more and lesser known of shopping destinations, museums and overall nightlife options, including restaurants, poutine joints, sports bars and more, discover all this town has to offer!
  1. Attractions & Events Calendar
  2. Festivals & Annual Events
  3. Everybody Dance Now
  4. Parks, Green Space & the Urban Outdoors
  1. Montreal Museums
  2. Restaurants, Cafés, Tea Rooms & Bars
  3. Shopping & Services
  4. Holidays & Celebrations

Attractions & Events Calendar

montreal ste catherine street

A guide to Montreal's many attractions, events and activities, including live music, theatre, dance, family and community activities.

Festivals & Annual Events

montreal fashion design festival

A guide to Montreal's many festivals and annual events.

Everybody Dance Now

piknic electronik montreal

A guide to some Montreal dance events, clubs and hot spots.

Parks, Green Space & the Urban Outdoors

montreal white tree

A guide to Montreal parks, public spaces, outdoor activities and green attractions.

Montreal Museums

montreal redpath museum

A guide to Montreal Museums, from the arts and history to science and architecture.

Restaurants, Cafés, Tea Rooms & Bars

montreal restaurants le saloon

A guide to Montreal's fantastic food & nightlife scene, from restaurants and poutine joints to cafes, tea rooms and bars.

Shopping & Services

montreal chaintown shopping

A guide to shopping in Montreal with a focus on local businesses and shops that give a personal touch and/or offer something a little different from the norm, from clothing to facials, knick knacks and more.

Holidays & Celebrations

montreal saint patrick's parade

A guide to different holidays and celebrations including some unique to the province of Quebec.

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