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Piknic Electronik 2011: Lineup Highlights


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My Favorite Robot
piknic electronik 2011 lineup montreal my favorite robot evelyn reid
Photo courtesy of My Favorite Robot
It rarely ceases to amaze me how some of Montreal's best talent get little to no local media attention, and yet find themselves acknowledged as world class outside the navel-gazing confines of the local scene. Montreal electro duo My Favorite Robot is one of those acts. What they lack in small pond magazine spreads is made up for with big pond international recognition, with several of their tracks remixed by the likes of Satoshi Tomiie, Chloé, Jori Hulkkonen and more. All in all, a breath of fresh air to see them a part of Piknic's 2011 lineup.

My Favorite Robot is featured at Piknic Electronik on Sunday, September 11, 2011.

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