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Osheaga 2011: Five Artists You Won't Want to Miss


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Dillon Francis
osheaga 2011 montreal highlights
Photo courtesy of Dillon Francis
I can't be the only who thinks dubstep's been getting a little stale, hence my enthusiasm for genre-stretchers like San Francisco-based Eskmo and now, LA's Dillon Francis, one of a handful of producers embracing Moombahton, a fairly new genre that slows Dutch house down to 110 bpm, adding choppy vocals to the mix. Francis has only been at it for two years and is already on board with Diplo's Mad Decent label and caught the attention of Major Lazer, Drop the Lime and other leading bass producers.

Dillon Francis performs at Osheaga on Sunday, July 31 at 4 p.m. Buy tickets.

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