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Just for Laughs 2012


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The Nasty Show
just for laughs 2012 lineup the nasty show bobby slayton

Above: the Pit Bull of Comedy Bobby Slayton returns to his hosting duties at the Just for Laughs comedy festival's most popular presentation of all time, The Nasty Show.

Ethan Miller / Getty Images
The Just for Laughs' longest running and most popular show in its 30-year history, The Nasty Show is presented at the 2012 edition more than a dozen times for a reason. Montreal can't seem to get enough of the c-word, racial slurs, the annals of peepee caca, masturbatory exploration, and the sensory implications of and sociological discomfort in admitting oral sex engagement. In 2012, other topics may include British aversion to bullsh*t -- yeah, we've got that in Canada too -- marriages that involve amazing sex, marriages that should be ended on the spot complete with bright spotlight on who looks miserable enough to qualify, the f**kability of young women, why gay people seem to be happy all the time, and in true nasty tradition, front row guest humiliation. Everything else is unmentionable it's so raw.

Hosted by the Pit Bull of Comedy Bobby Slayton, whom I had a chance to catch at the 2012 premiere of The Nasty Show. He was completely on his game in spite of having been away from his Nasty duties over the last two years.

The Nasty Show runs July 10 through July 15 and then July 27 and July 28, 2012. Bobby Slayton is joined by Ben Roy, Mike Wilmot, Brian Keith Etheridge, Paula Bel, Mike Lawrence and Matt Davis. Admission $39.50 plus service charge. Buy tickets.

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