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Festival Mondial de la Bière 2014: The Montreal Beer Festival In a Nutshell

Canada's Largest Beer Festival in Montreal


Montreal Beer Festival 2014 Mondial de la Biere
Photo courtesy of the Mondial de la Bière
From ale to hybrid, brown brew to white, once a year Montreal is graced with the largest beer festival in Canada, the Mondial de la Bière. Attracting around 85,000 people in 2007, every year draws in bigger crowds. The 2013 edition alone attracted 100,000 beer fans. And brews seem to get crazier with every passing year. Take these five favorites for example.

The Mondial debuted in 1994 and since then, festival goers have looked forward to having tasting access to roughly 600 different beers, ciders and other products under the same roof. That roof was originally was originally that of Montreal's Windsor Station, the beer fest's traditional location, which, since 2011, was swapped with the roomier convention space of Place Bonaventure allowing for bigger crowds. But venue swapping was necessary yet again. So since 2013, beer fans converge under the roof of Montreal's largest convention facility, the Palais des congrès. Let's hope this venue is big enough to handle the masses. The Mondial also offers seminars, workshops and other events throughout the five-day beer event. In 2014, the Montreal Beer Festival is held from June 11 to June 15, 2014. More details.

With beer giants like Stella Artois and Molson as well as microbreweries sharing the stage, an exceptionally wide array of brewers, beer styles and flavors can be conveniently explored for a reasonable price. Locals and tourists are also likely to discover, if not rediscover, a series of delectable brews by local brasseurs such as:

Get the scoop on the 2014 edition of the Montreal Beer Festival.

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