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M for Montreal / M pour Montréal: November 20 to November 23, 2013

Montreal's Music Scene Up Close


m for montreal 2013 murray lightburn

Above: Montreal-based The Dears' vocalist Murray Lightburn's solo performance at POP Montreal's 2013 edition was one of the top talks of the fest. Expect an epic echo at the 2013 edition at M for Montreal.

Photo courtesy of M for Montreal
M for Montreal: Great Music, Local Artists
If you want a bird's eye view of who's who in Montreal's music scene, then do not miss M pour Montréal, aka M for Montreal.

Scouting local acts since 2006, M for Montreal proposes a series of outdoor concerts, large venue attractions and nightclub events every year, from June through November, which then culminates into one main event, a three or four-day music fest. In 2013, that would be from November 20 to November 23, 2013 featuring 100 performances by local as well as Canadian and international artists.

M for Montreal: The Main Event
Featuring the year's hottest acts and top musical exports, present and past editions are featuring/have featured:

M for Montreal: 2013 Highlights
Consult the M for Montreal website for the full lineup.

M for Montreal: M on the Road
Every year, a musical envoy is sent out to a different location or two. Austin, Texas and New York City were the sites of choice in years past and as per the fest custom, M for Montreal shares a top food export to go with the show: free doses of poutine for everyone. For details on 2013's and 2014's M on the Road, visit the M for Montreal website.

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