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Igloofest 2015: Montreal's Winter Rave Series

Igloofest 2015: Winter 2015 Lineup


Igloofest Montreal 2015
Clément Belleudy/Flickr/CC License
Igloofest 2015: Montreal's Ultimate Outdoor Winter Rave
A new tradition was forged in the Old Port in Montreal in 2007, courtesy of the boys behind Piknic Electronik. It was named Igloofest and it attracted 4,000 electronic music fans. By 2014, that crowd transformed in a whopping 85,000 fans over its run willing to dance for hours outdoors during the coldest nights of the year to mixes spun by the crème de la crème in DJ talent. The event became so huge that by the 2013 edition, organizers extended their usual three weekend run to include a FOURTH weekend, extending Igloofest deeper into February for the first time. In 2015, Igloofest is expected to run January 15 to February 7, 2015 (DATES TO BE CONFIRMED). In 2014, Igloofest ran January 16 through February 8, 2014.

"It's such an amazing crowd, people go just absolutely mental from the very first record that you play. It must be a Montreal thing!" -Dutch producer Joris Voorn

Apart from Joris Voorn, who's had the temerity to spin at Igloofest? Past guests include:

Running the gamut of house, techno, bass, and everything in between, it takes a certain level of guts laced with chutzpah to play a set at Igloofest, with Montreal's wind chill in full blast come January, even though any experienced Igloofester will tell you the weather is no big deal: count at most 10-15 minutes to work up a sweat on the snowy dance floor. Nonetheless, it takes balls to spin in subzero weather and the following DJ/producers are rising to the challenge in 2014, not about to wimp out over a wee arctic bite:

Igloofest: It Gets Cold Out There, But Not For Long
Dress warm (e.g., heavy duty down jackets) and most importantly, in layers because it gets sweaty in there as the night progresses. And leave the heels at home. The dance floor, which is basically a bed of snow and slush, has more slip than grip. Another thing, newbies might be interested in joining an Igloofest tradition. It's getting a little old but participants are rarely lacking in the chance to outdo one another by wearing the ugliest, most fluorescent snowsuit get-ups they can find. It's called the one-piece competition and here are pictures of last year's winners and finalists.

Food? Beer?
Beer, energy drinks and mulled wine are sold on the premises as are poutine, pizza and other morsels.

Beat the Crowds
For a lineup-free experience getting through admission, get to the Quai Jacques-Cartier on the Quays of the Old Port, near the corner of Prince Arthur and Place Jacques-Cartier, before 9 p.m.

Purchased online from December 10 to January 10, 2014: $15 plus service charge.
Purchased online from January 11 to February 8, 2014: $17 plus service charge.
At the door: $20 per night (risky to wait at the door, nights often sell out).
Weekend pass $40, full lineup-free festival pass $120 ($95 in advance).

Where Is Igloofest?
At the Quays of the Old Port (map).

Getting There
Champ-de-Mars Metro or Place d'Armes Metro.

For more information on the next edition and to buy tickets, visit the Igloofest website.

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