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Montreal Events: Guide to Montreal's Top Festivals, Attractions & More

A Montreal events guide covering the best of what's happening in Montreal. Find out about Montreal events such as museum exhibits, concerts, live shows, theater, dance, food and wine to festivals, street fairs, special events and much more.
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About.com Montreal Gets a Makeover
About.com Montreal is getting a huge makeover in 2014 and you'll never guess what the end result will be! Well, some of you probably will.

Montreal Parades
Montreal parades come in all shapes and sizes and march rain or shine across all four seasons. As for the city’s best and biggest? I compiled a handy list of them. Just click on the link for the scoop.

Montreal Snow Village: The One and Only
A Montreal Snow Village activities guide. The Montreal Snow Village, a Montreal winter attraction which debuted January 18, 2012, is a Canadian and North American first, the only snow village of its kind to be built in a major metropolitan area worldwide. Includes ice hotel, ice restaurant, ice wedding chapel and more.

Apple Picking Orchards Near Montreal
Apple Picking Orchards Near Montreal? Take your pick, no pun. There are literally dozens of orchards one hour or less from Montreal. Included in this guide are a comprehensive list of orchards as well as an apple picking solution for those of you who do not have a car. And... I even included recipes to help you figure out what to do with all those apples once you bring them home.

STAR WARS Identities Exhibition
STAR WARS Identities, an exhibition created in collaboration with LucasFilms, premieres worldwide in Montreal. Find out what STAR WARS Identities is all about.

Montreal Summer Events: Simply the Best
Believe it or not, this town is high on energy every season. Even the coldest days of winter don't stop us from dancing in the streets, but there's something unique about Montreal's hot and sticky summers.

Montreal Weekend Events
A Montreal weekend events guide. Maximize your Montreal weekend fun with a little guidance and a bit of planning.

Pride Montreal Parade Photos
The Pride Montreal parade is one of the city's hottest summer highlights, and according to the globetrotting LGBT community, Montreal is among the best places in the world to celebrate gay pride, up there with San Francisco, Berlin and Sydney. Never been to a Pride Montreal parade? Find out what you're missing via the following choice shots.

Nascar Montreal Napa 200
Nascar Montreal Napa 200 stock car racing profile. Includes photos, tips and information on buying tickets and attending the race.

Montreal Events Listing: Get the Word Out!
Consult this Montreal Events Listing for the latest happenings in Montreal. And promote your own events right here on About.com for free! See submissions

Free Things to Do in Montreal
If you thought my original Free Things to Do in Montreal list was handy, wait until you see this one!

Montreal Biodome: Inside A Top Montreal Attraction
A Montreal Biodome guide complete with practical information as well as animal and ecosystem descriptions. An indoor zoo, an aquarium and a botanical garden wrapped into one, the Montreal Biodome is a series of indoor ecological systems that recreate regions in the Americas and poles, the only place in the world that replicates all four seasons...

Where to Watch Montreal Fireworks
Where to watch Montreal fireworks come International Fireworks Competition time? I've got seven surefire locations guaranteed to give you a spectacular view of one of the most impressive pyrotechnic competitions in the world as well as other Montreal fireworks sessions held year-round.

Montreal International Fireworks Competition
Your Guide to the the largest international fireworks competition in the world, the 2010 International des Feux Loto-Quebec, running June through August.

Montreal Circus Arts Festival / Festival international des ar…
The Montreal Circus Arts Festival, or Festival international des arts du Cirque, is in its first edition in 2010, welcoming the world's finest circus artists to converge in Montreal three weeks in July.

Montreal Winter Events
Discover the hottest Montreal winter events, all happening November through March.

Montreal High Lights Festival en Lumire
Every year, around the dreariest part of February, our fine city is lit up with the Montreal High Lights Festival, the Festival Montral en Lumire.

Montreal Nuit Blanche
Montreal Nuit Blanche is the city's all-nighter, a generally frigid February night where organizers encourage residents and visitors to stay up till the wee hours of the morning and partake in close to 200 mostly free activities involving culture, food, music and outdoor fun.

Montreal Restaurant Week
Montreal Restaurant Week, better known as Old Montreal's Le Happening Gourmand has only been around since 2008 and much in the same vein as New York Restaurant Week and Toronto's Winterlicious, mid to high-end restaurants cut menu prices roughly 30% to 40% come January.

Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montreal
Parc Jean-Drapeau is a casino, a beach, an English garden, a tech house rave, a roller coaster, a haven to flower-blooming trees and waterside willows; it's a destination unlike anywhere else in Montreal, a 286-hectare oasis with enough attractions to keep visitors delighted for days.

In Town, Without My Car! En Ville, Sans Ma Voiture!
In Town Without My Car! turns downtown Montreal into one of the largest car-free zones in North America ... for a day.

M for Montreal / M pour Montréal
M for Montreal offers a bird's eye view of who's who in Montreal's music scene. Also called M pour Montréal.

Pride Montreal Parade / Dfil de la fiert gai
The Pride Montreal Parade is on every mid-August. Find out when and where to go in 2013 to enjoy one of the most fun parades in Montreal, better known as le Dfil de la fiert gai!

Les FrancoFolies de Montral
FrancoFolies Montral, or the more appropriate title Les FrancoFolies de Montral, is one of Montreal's most important festivals, attracting almost one million spectators over the course of 11 days, a grand celebration of the best in French music from Quebec and abroad every summer.

Fantasia Film Festival Montreal
The Fantasia Film Festival, a Montreal silver screen staple since 1996, claims it's the largest genre film festival in North America. Packed with Canadian, North American and worldwide feature-length premieres as well as shorts, find out what to expect at the fest and keep in mind, Fantasia is not for the faint of heart.

Montreal Gardens
Despite Montreal's less than idyllic weather with almost half of a typical Quebec or Canadian calendar year covered by winter's cold stare, there are a handful of places that bloom to manicured perfection once the ground thaws. For free or for a modest fee, flora fans are well advised to visit these Montreal gardens, the best in the city.

Carifiesta Montreal 2012: A Caribbean Parade / Carnival
Carifiesta Montreal, or Carifête in French, is easily the city's most colorful parade, a July tradition since 1975 celebrating Montreal's Caribbean community, carnival style. Find out where and when the parade is held.

MEG Music Festival in Montreal
The MEG Music Festival is a Montreal tradition since 1999, held every late July/early August, a mix of edgy and pop acts that cover all sorts of electronic genres.

Balé de Rua: A Brazilian Street Dancing Review
Portuguese for "street ballet," 'Balé de Rua' recounts 300 years of life in Brazil as told through a testosterone-packed melting pot of samba, popping, capoeira, Congolese dancing and drumming and many other influences. In Montreal for the 2009 Just For Laughs festival, should you consider attending?

Montreal Events: Music, Concerts and Live Shows
Check out what Montreal events are musical musts. Find out who is playing in Montreal's top music venues, clubs and concert halls right now. Just click on a Montreal venue name to be directed to its event calendar.

Free Things to Do in Montreal - Best Free Things to Do in Montreal
I've listed ten of my favorite free things to do in Montreal. But what about you? What are your favorite free things to do in Montreal?

The Montreal Fashion and Design Festival
Find out more about the Montreal Fashion and Design Festival, an annual five-day event celebrating local designers.

Festival Mondial de la bire - Montreal Beer Fest
Find out more about Canada's largest beer festival, the Montreal Beer Fest or Mondial de la Bire.

Free Ballroom Dancing in Montreal: 2009 Schedule
Find out when the Societe Jean-Drapeau offers free ballroom dancing lessons outdoors in the comfort of Parc Jean-Drapeau.

Outdoor Ballroom Dancing at Parc Jean-Drapeau: Is It Worth a Go?
A surprisingly fun and free local activity, regardless of dance experience and age, read a review of the experience.

Gay Village Montreal: Car-Free Events in the Summer
The Montreal Gay Village rids its main artery of cars all summer since 2008, along Ste. Catherine Street, from Berri in the west to Papineau in the East, making way for dozens of terraces, street art and events. The best part? Special events are free and more often than not, family friendly.

Cinema Montreal - Find a Movie Theatre in Montreal
Your cinema Montreal listings. Find a movie theatre in Montreal that suits your budget and film tastes, from IMAX to repertory theatre to dollar cinema, the cheapest on-screen flick you'll find in town.

MUTEK in Montreal
Every year since 2000, Montreal hosts MUTEK, an international festival of "digital creativity and electronic music," easily the most important and popular festival gathering of experimental electronic acts in these parts.

Blue Metropolis Montreal International Literary Festival 2009
A day by day guide to the 2009 Blue Metropolis Montreal International Literary Festival. Read up on top events at the Blue Met, listed by day.

Blue Metropolis Montreal International Literary Festival - A Profile
Your guide to the Blue Metropolis Montreal International Literary Festival. Read up on annual attractions and recurring events at the Blue Met.

Earth Day in Montreal
Celebrate Mother Nature and check out these Earth Day activities, including events at the Montreal Biosphere, the Redpath Museum, the Botanical Garden Treehouse and more.

Canada Grand Prix: 2014 Edition
Grand Prix Weekend in Montreal is nuts. And noisy. And fun.

Earth Hour in Montreal 2013
Show your concern for climate change and "vote." Celebrate Earth Hour in Montreal and shut off all the lights for just one hour. It's so simple.

Montreal Fashion Week: A Quick Look
Montreal Fashion 2012 information. So what's it like a day in the life of Montreal Fashion Week? From back pain inducing lineups to attendees opting for jeans, jeans and yet more jeans, the following shots should demystify the exclusive industry experience just a wee bit.

Grand Prix Weekend in Montreal
You don't need to go to the race to experience Grand Prix Weekend in Montreal and you don't need a lot of money either. Take a look at all these affordable (and mostly free) activities for starters.

Montreal Museums Day 2014
Free admission, free shuttle buses and free activities one day every May. Montreal Museums Day is a popular cultural event in the city, attracting roughly 100,000 visitors in one day across Montreal's network of art, history and science museums.

Montreal Museums Day in 2008
For anyone new to Montreal Museums Day, the following circuit is one of the six routes proposed in 2008: the Yellow Route.

Montreal Chamber Music Festival
Your guide to the Montreal Chamber Music Festival, an intimate one-of-kind fest in Montreal, combining a classical series and jazz series.

10 Free Things to Do in Montreal
Who said budgeting has to pinch? In a city packed with parks and festivals for every season and reason, Montreal is swelling with free events, attractions, and happenings. These 10 freebie activities should be a good reminder of how lucky we are to live right here, in Montreal!

Igloofest: Montreal's Winter Rave Series
Igloofest, Montreal's ultimate outdoor Winter Rave, is a series of DJ sessions held outdoors every weekend in January, including in 2012. Organized by the boys behind the popular Piknic Electronik series.

The Festival TransAmériques
Your guide to Montreal's only theater and dance festival, the Festival TransAmériques, showcasing international talent as well as homegrown performers, from the renowned to the emerging.

Earth Hour Photos: Montreal
March 29, 2008 marked the first Earth Hour in Montreal and a 5% decrease in energy consumption for the duration of the event was the result. Curious what this decrease looks like?

FrancoFolies Montréal 2011 Concerts
Les FrancoFolies de Montréal 2011 concerts listings includes ticket information and clips of each featured artist.

Montreal Fireworks 2014: When, Where
A Montreal fireworks 2014 guide. Can't say Montrealers are as gung ho as Americans about launching fireworks in their own backyards, but we make up for that by hosting the largest fireworks competition in the world in Old Montreal's backyard. Find out when the next bout of Montreal fireworks is scheduled, then sit back and enjoy the show.

UltraAVX: A Review
UltraAVX is dubbed "the next level of cinema" by its makers, Cineplex Odeon. It's also more expensive than attending a regular digital movie projection, costing around the same as watching a film in IMAX format, which begs the question: is it worth it?

Montreal Christmas Events
Find Montreal Christmas events that suit your budget and lifestyle, from special museum exhibits to carols, theatre to ice skating plus several free happenings perfect for the whole family.

Piknic Electronik 2011: Lineup Highlights
Discover Montreal's daytime alternative to the club scene. Piknic Electronik's 2011 lineup features several highlights, including Luke Abbott, My Favorite Robot and Dominik Eulberg.

Montreal Fireworks: A Photo Gallery
Montreal fireworks, courtesy of festivals like the Montreal International Fireworks Competition and TELUS Fire on Ice, are a sight for sore eyes as the best in the world unite to produce award-winning displays. I've assembled are some of the more stunning Montreal fireworks photos I could find to show you what all the fuss is about.

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