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Leonard Cohen Art: Sketches and Words Spanning 40 Years
The female form, still life, a solitary bird and self-portraits with faces sometimes tortured, other times not, Leonard Cohen had been drawing for decades while the bulk of public applause was in response to his words and songs. He only first exhibited his sketches in 2007 in Toronto. Since then, his Artworks traveled to Vancouver and London, England, finally reaching Montreal, his hometown, in 2010.

Below are a few samples of Leonard Cohen's Artworks, a collection of four originals and 51 prints, all on display for public viewing free of charge, from February 18 through May 9, 2010 at the Maison du Festival Rio Tinto Alcan.

A limited number of reprints are available for purchase. Prices range from roughly $1,500 to $6,500.

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  1. Leonard Cohen Art: "Lost Spectacles"leonard cohen art artworks lost spectacles
  2. Leonard Cohen Art: "Just to Have Been"leonard cohen art artworks just to have been
  3. Leonard Cohen Art: "My First Wife"leonard cohen art artworks my first wife
  4. Leonard Cohen Art: "The Hat"leonard cohen art artworks the hat
  5. Leonard Cohen Art: "One Little Guy"leonard cohen art artworks one little guy
  6. Leonard Cohen Art: "Dear Heather"leonard cohen art artworks dear heather
  7. Leonard Cohen Art: "Watching You Think"leonard cohen art artworks watching you think
  8. Leonard Cohen Art: "First Snow"leonard cohen art artworks first snow
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