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Guide to Montreal Arts & Culture

Your guide to Montreal's vibrant arts & culture community including information on Montreal museums, art galleries, exhibition centers, and more.
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Yann Black: Your Meat Is Mine
The Tim Burton of tattoo artists, Yann Black is a Montrealer originally from France and he's one of the most sought after avant-gardists in his field, with clients booking overseas flights and patiently waiting up to a year, sometimes two, just to get inked by the graphic artist. Discover his body of work and find out what to expect when booking...

Oscars 2014 Edition Awards Montreal Filmmakers Directly (And Indirectly)
The 2014 edition of the Oscars acclaimed a handful of Montreal filmmakers, either directly or indirectly. I bet you'll never guess who...

Jean Paul Gaultier Show in Photos
Jean Paul Gaultier show photos taken in Montreal. The first time Montreal, let alone Canada, lay witness to a show featuring the talent of a designer of Gaultier's calibre, thousands gathered on downtown Montreal's McGill College Avenue on August 3, 2011 to preview Jean Paul Gaultier's 2011-2012 fall-winter collections.

Child Marriage: The Politics, the Culture Explored in Tall As the Baobab
To many a Westerner, child marriage seems outrageous. Unacceptable. A clear cut moral, ethical no no. But in other parts of the world, the issue of child marriage is not that cut and dry and Tall As the Baobab director Jeremy Teicher does not shy away from considering both sides. Tall As the Baobab premiered worldwide in Montreal, during the...

La La La Human Steps' New Work: A Review
A La La La Human Steps 'New Work' review. La La La Human Steps' 'New Work', aka 'A Piece by Edouard Lock' had its North American premiere in Montreal last May 5, 2011. Guest starring prima ballerina Diana Vishneva.

Montreal Poetry Prize: Win $50,000 for One Single Poem
The Montreal Poetry Prize is the biggest poetry competition in history, offering one winner $50,000 cash for a single poem. And anyone can enter, provided they're of legal age. Find out how to enter your poems for a chance to win and get published.

Rubberbandance's 'Gravity of Center': A Review
A Rubberbandance Gravity of Center review. The alpha. The up-and-coming alpha. The concubine. The maternal. The innocent. Five archetypes on a bare stage embrace, fight, and attempt to survive in a world where the necessities of life -- shelter, food, water, oil -- are scarce, a world inspired by the global financial crisis, as per...

Rubberbandance Group: A Montreal Dance Company Bio
Rubberbandance Group, a Montreal-based dancy company as formed by Los Angeles b-boy turned ballet dancer Victor Quijada, has an uncanny knack for turning high art into a palpable, compelling, crowd-pleasing experience.

La La La Human Steps
La La La Human Steps, the brainchild of Montreal troupe founder, choreographer and artistic director Édouard Lock, is one of the few avant-garde dance companies that's managed to successfully strike a balance between high art and mass appeal.

La La La Human Steps' New Work
La La La Human Steps presents New Work, the Montreal dance company's 2011 creation inspired by two love stories, two operas melded together as one. Guest starring prima ballerina Diana Vishneva.

Underground Art in an Underground City: Art Souterrain
Underground art in Montreal's underground city in photos. Discover Art Souterrain, an annual event held in the largest underground city in the world during Montreal's Nuit Blanche all-night culture fest.

NEeMA: An Interview
You might have already heard about Montreal singer songwriter NEeMA. If you haven't, then you've definitely heard of her mentor and friend, Leonard Cohen. I sat down with NEeMA for a chat, one revealing a well-traveled past including brushes with Mother Teresa, The Dalai Lama, and a seven-year-old Egyptian delivery boy too busy for school.

Corno: Art and Desire
Corno is one of a handful of Canadian success stories in the fine arts world, an artist whose career exploded on the international stage after moving from Montreal to New York in 1992. Her exhibit 'Art and Desire 2011' is a retrospective featuring previously exhibited works, with the exception of a couple of new pieces, on display at Montreal's...

MöcShplat: A Montreal Theatre Review
MöcShplat is a "clown-noir" adaptation of Macbeth created in Montreal. And it is so off-kilter, it elicited hate mail from Shakespeare purists when it first debuted in 1997 at the Fringe Festival. The tragedy also elicited uncontrollable laughter.

Zilon 'Jazz Noir'
Zilon, a leading Montreal artist presented 'Jazz Noir', an exhibit inspired by old, black & white gangster flicks and "Billie Holiday on heroin." Opening August 4, 2010, 'Jazz Noir' is dark, disturbing, and raw. Discover some of Zilon's exhibit with this picture gallery.

Leonard Cohen Art
A Leonard Cohen art exhibit premiered in Montreal February 18, 2010, showcasing sketches the lauded poet/songwriter/performer created over forty-some years. Discover some exhibit highlights, a collection of drawings and words from one of Montreal's most celebrated characters.

Cirque Eloize iD: A Review
Cirque Éloize's 'iD' combines ten circus disciplines, meshing acrobatics with a strong urban dance element: one moment performers are flipping, the next, they're popping. Set in futuristic cityscape with a 'West Side Story' theme peppered throughout the acts, characters struggle to co-exist with each other, creating order out of the urban chaos they live in, a clever series of acts characterized…

Montreal Biodome: Inside A Top Montreal Attraction
A Montreal Biodome guide complete with practical information as well as animal and ecosystem descriptions. An indoor zoo, an aquarium and a botanical garden wrapped into one, the Montreal Biodome is a series of indoor ecological systems that recreate regions in the Americas and poles, the only place in the world that replicates all four seasons...

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
Your guide to the internationally renowned Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, attracting hundreds of thousands to their temporary exhibitions as well as their impressive permanent collection.

Botanical Gardens Montreal - Jardins Botaniques de Montréal
The Botanical Gardens in Montreal is one of the largest nature museums in the world. Often cited as a top tourist destination, many locals come back several times a year, visiting grounds filled with sights that look more like pages from a fairy tale than the book of city life. Discover the beauty of the gardens with this image gallery.

Montreal Insectarium
The Montreal Insectarium is the largest "bug museum" in North American and one of the largest insectariums in the world. This guide explains everything you need to know before visiting the Montreal Insectarium, one of the city's more family-friendly museums.

Pointe-à-Callière, the Montréal Museum of Archaeology and History
A historical site, an ethnological resource, an urban archaeological dig, Pointe-à-Callière is much more than a museum. Discover the actual birthplace of Montreal and much more.

Redpath Museum
The Redpath, a natural science museum at McGill campus, will never charge you a dime but a donation would go a long way to ensuring Redpath stays free for everyone. Check out their their extensive collection of minerals, fossils and dinosaur bones. Even mummies are on display. Don't miss my personal favorite, the shrunken head.

Montreal Planetarium
A Montreal Planetarium guide. Learn about our galaxy and beyond at the Montreal Planetarium or take it a step further and join the largest astronomy club in the province of Quebec.

McCord Museum
A history museum best known for its extensive collection of period costumes, particularly women's dress. McCord Museum covers different facets of Canadian history, society and culture, with a concentration of objects from the last 300 years but also covering periods as early as the 11th century.

The Canadian Centre for Architecture
The Canadian Centre for Architecture is an architectural museum and renowned research center in Montreal covering the works of greats such as Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Centre d'Histoire de Montréal
Learn more about the Centre d'Histoire de Montréal, a city-run museum housed in an old fire station in the heart of Old Montreal.

Journées de la Culture in Montreal and Across Quebec
What started out as a relatively small cultural event in 1997 has grown exponentially over the years and turned into a movement of cultural democratization, with thousands of free activities offered to the public across the province of Quebec for three days every September, courtesy of Journées de la Culture.

Montreal Symphony Orchestra
Montreal's internationally acclaimed orchestra led by Musical Director Kent Nagano.

Montreal Metropolitain Orchestra
Under the direction of conductor Yannick Nézet-Séguin.

Opéra de Montréal
Montreal's very own opera house.

Les 7 doigts de la main's 'Cabaret': A Review
Les 7 doigts de la main (a.k.a. Seven Fingers) is a leading circus troupe in Montreal, a rough-and-tumble alternative to the high polish of troupes like Cirque du Soleil and Cirque Éloize. Their latest show, Cabaret, features a mix of theatre, jazz and of course, acrobatics. Read the review and find out if it's your taste.

Montreal Jazz Festival Artists We Want Back in 2011
The Montreal Jazz Festival lineup in 2010 was fabulous, with some acts so outstanding, we insist they return for the Montreal Jazz Festival 2011 edition. Find out who they are.

Arcade Fire Suburbs Tour
Arcade Fire, a Montreal band/indie success story, released 'Suburbs' August 3, 2010 in Canada and the U.S. and naturally scheduled a world tour. Find out when Arcade Fire is coming to your city.

Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art
Founded in 1964, the Musée d'Art Contemporain de Montréal promotes Quebec and Canadian contemporary art and exhibits works by living artists from around the world. Check back often for information on new collections and exhibitions.

Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology: The Exhibition
Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology is a museum exhibition where visitors will discover the fact behind mysteries and myths such as the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail with the help of fictional archeologist Indiana Jones. The world premiere of Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology is in Montreal, at the Montreal...

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