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Montreal Vintage: Shopping the Scene


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Montreal Vintage: A Shopping Shortlist
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Montreal vintage shopping isn't just about clothing. Some shops also sell accessories, footwear, knick knacks, furniture and in the case of Montreal vintage store Kitsch 'n' Swell, comic books too.

Photo © Ashley Joseph
Montreal Vintage: A Shopping Shortlist
Whether you've gone secondhand to save money, save the environment or save yourself from chucking separates that don't seem to go with anything in your closet, there's something distinctly satisfying about scoring a long lost designer piece, vintage poster or leather jacket that's been off the market for decades. Doesn't get much more exclusive than that.

But which Montreal vintage shops, friperies and secondhand stores should be on every fashionista's shortlist? I asked FASHION Magazine contributor Ashley Joseph to share some of her valuable know-how, in the name of keeping it simple for people who just don't have time to figure out where the best hot spots are hiding. Vintage shopping practically needs to be a weekly habit to get the kind of insight Ashley's got and hey, I'm still working on making weekends a weekly habit.

So. Which Montreal vintage shops made the cut?

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