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Tripes & Caviar


Tripes & Caviar: Montreal's Only Offal Food Club
Tripes & Caviar is Montreal's one and only Offal and Cocktail Food Club.

Think you can handle Montreal's only offal food club? In the words of Tripes & Caviar's founders, “it is not for everyone.”

Photo courtesy of Tripes & Caviar
There's food clubs. Then there's offal food clubs.

You heard me.

Not to be confused with its phonetic twin “awful,” offal is a blanket term for the entrails, internal organs and various parts of a given animal that North Americans typically avoid on their collective dinner plates. Hearts, liver, tongues, tripe, brains, kidneys, lungs, gullets, trotters, eyeballs ... the possibilities are, if not endless, various. And the Tripes and Caviar team milk them for what they're worth, turning unsightly, unsung guts into culinary delights.

Tripes & Caviar: What Is an Offal Food Club Exactly?
To be completely accurate, Tripes & Caviar is an offal and cocktail food club. Outside of its catering business, event organizing and consulting firm and cooking school, the T&C team schedules thematic pop-up evenings in Montreal as well as Quebec City featuring some of the most unique five or six-course creations you can fathom. Think brain pop corn, beef heart jerky, pig's ears, and, say, risotto embedded in congealed pig's blood, each paired with its very own cocktail. And every edition features a theme. Since they founded the club in January 2011 as an “anti-foodie” movement, the team proposed “Blood,” “Brains” and “Scalp” slants, among other anti-mouth-watering themes. But according to insiders, this stuff tastes great.

Tripes & Caviar: The Rules
Intent on giving Tripes & Caviar a try? There's a few rules guests MUST abide by. Here they are, word for word:

Guts: all attending members must be willing to taste everything presented to them.”
Liver: these life changing culinary events often include an unusually large amount of fabulous cocktails. Please leave your scooter at home.”
Tongue: we promote networking and education through communication and interest in other parties. Please feel free to do the same.”
Heart: if you do have a heart, please advise us at least 72 hours in advance if you can’t make it to the event.”
Brains: cellphones, watches and cameras are strictly forbidden. Enjoy the moment. Exchange with the members. Don’t be just another geek foodie.”

Tripes & Caviar: Cost
It depends. As an example, the February 2, 2013 “Scalp” event features six food courses for $40, five cocktails for $30, and one complimentary T&C shot. The cocktail pairing portion is optional.

Tripes & Caviar: Where
Each offal & cocktail food club event is set in a location revealed to registered guests only 24 hours in advance. Car-free types, rest assured. Previous events were held in fairly central locations in Montreal like the Plateau.

Tripes & Caviar: When
Tripes & Caviar schedules about one food event a month. As places are limited, guests must sign up in advance. Details here. Full refunds are NOT available. However, if you cancel more than 72 hours prior to the event, T&C reimburses 50% of the cost. Cancellations less than 72 hours in advance outside of emergencies are not refunded.

Visit the Tripes & Caviar website for details on their next Offal & Cocktail Food Club event.

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