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Apéros Bordeaux Montreal


Apéros Bordeaux Montreal
Apéros Bordeaux Montreal is a regular, recurring wine and food tasting event in Montreal.

Above: Montreal designers José Manuel St. Jacques (far left) and Simon Bélanger with models showcasing their 2013 spring collection at the October 17, 2012 Apéros Bordeaux event at Rosalie, pairing wine and food with a dose of high fashion.

Photo © Evelyn Reid
A regular, recurring wine and food tasting event held in different restaurants across Montreal, Apéros Bordeaux Montreal is a chance to discover the wine region of Bordeaux, which, according to About.com's wine expert Stacy Slinkard is “the largest controlled wine growing region (AOC) in France, home to over 10,000 producers and the artisan of close to 70 million cases of wine per vintage ... a modern-day red wine Mecca, beckoning pilgrims near and far to scout for, speculate on and ultimately imbibe in the crown jewel, Bordeaux's exalted red wines.”

Not that red is the region's end all. Case in point: my first Apéros Bordeaux Montreal experience left me savoring three favorites. But only one was a red. The other two were a white Sauvignon Blanc/Sémillon/Muscadelle blend and a great dessert wine predominantly composed of Sémillon grapes with a 15% hint of Sauvignon Blanc.

So How Does Apéros Bordeaux Montreal Work?
It's simple. Keep track of future Apéros Bordeaux events on Facebook and just ... show up. Admission is free and everyone's invited. Once there, organizers give guests the opportunity to sample a small amount of each wine and once a favorite is chosen, guests can order a full glass at the bar at an affordable price. When I went to the October 2012 edition, full glasses were only $5 each, a fabulous deal for oenophiles on a budget.

Any Food?
Yes. Whichever restaurant is hosting the event usually showcases some of their dishes for a fair price. Again, at the October 2012 edition, which was held at Rosalie Club House, the upstairs "club" portion of high end Italian restaurant Rosalie located in downtown Montreal, three dishes were proposed for $10 each: ginger garlic salmon served on saffron-infused risotto, four cheese rigatoni flavoured with black truffle, and a salami bocconcini focaccia. My focaccia was great, by the way. But tiny. Cross-referencing with other guests, two running themes emerged over the food: small portion sizes relative to price and ... hungry bellies.

Dress Code?
Considering Apéros Bordeaux usually plays out at fairly swanky locales after 5 p.m. on a weekday, business casual is a sure bet, though no one will smite you if you go denim. Just leave the baseball cap at home.

Visit the Apéros Bordeaux Facebook page for information on the next edition in Montreal.

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