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Chocolate Cocktails: The Maya Flip


Chocolate cocktail the Maya Flip.
Photo courtesy of Je t'aime en chocolat © Andrea Doucet Donida
As discovered at Montreal chocolate show Je t'aime en chocolat, chocolate cocktails don't have to be an intimidating DIY impossibility. Mixology team MadeWithLove Exclusive took the time to prove my point with an afternoon workshop featuring among other in-house creations, the Maya Flip.

Prep Time: 10áminutes

Total Time: 10áminutes



Combine ingredients in a shaker. Shake well. Serve. As an extra precaution to ensure the Maya Flip is smooth and unctuous, beat the egg in a mixer bowl and until it turns frothy prior to combining the egg with the other ingredients in the shaker. Optional: garnish Maya Flip with a sliver of grapefruit rind.

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