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Montreal Cocktails

A Montreal cocktails guide. Learn how to make cocktails concocted by Montreal mixologists and bartenders.
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Love Potion: Montreal's Steamiest Cocktail Recipe
Love potions come in many forms, so it seems. Some are songs, others are science, and yet others are moderately successful Hollywood romcoms starring Sandra Bullock. But in Montreal, love potions are the domain of Atame Aphrodisiac restaurant owner Gaston Barcelo, a mixology consultant and aphrodisiac connoisseur who generously shared the secret of his own personal concoction.

Winter Drinks
I LOVE winter drinks. This might have something to do with the fact that I'm one of those weirdos who also loves winter. At least most of the time. It can get a little too cold in my neck of the woods come January and February. And electrical bills can go through the roof to cover heating expenses. Which brings me back to winter drinks. The ones I'm about to show you how to make actually do warm up the body.

A Hot Toddy Cold Remedy Recipe
This hot toddy cold remedy recipe might not kill your cold, BUT it will keep you from feeling so damn cold. The perfect winter beverage, with or without alcohol.

Maple Mojito Recipe
This maple mojito recipe is the perfect prelude to spring, and considering how long spring takes to finally arrive in these parts, God knows we need a drink. It also features a distinctively Quebec flavor distilled by a Quebec producer.

Chocolate Cocktails: The Maya Flip
Chocolate cocktails are not as difficult to make as you think. Take this drink dubbed the Maya Flip for one, as discovered at Montreal chocolate show 'Je t'aime en chocolat'.

Whisky Cocktail The Bunker
This whisky cocktail dubbed “The Bunker” is a creation of Montreal-based barman and mixologist Axel Boivin and it does a fine job of bridging the gap between girly drink and masculine punch.

Bloody Caesar Recipe
Reportedly invented in Calgary in 1969, the Bloody Caesar is one of Canada's favorite mixed drinks, yet it's a relatively unknown cocktail in the United States. Here's a recipe on the Canadian favorite with a Montreal twist.

White Chocolate Cocktail "Je t'aime en chocolat"
This white chocolate cocktail packs a punch with fire cider and cinnamon syrup added to the mix. Recipe discovered at Montreal chocolate show 'Je t'aime en chocolat'.

Clamato Recipe
Making Bloody Caesars? Then you're going to need Clamato juice.

Blood Orange Cocktail: Gilbert Lemieux's “Cocktail de Janvier”
This blood orange cocktail is a creation by Gilbert Lemieux, Toqué's in-house mixologist. Dubbed “cocktail de janvier,” French for "January cocktail," Lemieux concocted the clove infused cocktail with winter, and of all things, grandmothers, in mind.

Apple and Vanilla Grass Cocktail
This apple and vanilla grass cocktail is none other than a Toqué creation, a vodka-based fresh juice cocktail recipe easily made in the comfort of home, easily made once you figure out where the hell to find vanilla grass.

Strawberry cocktail “The Perfect Strawberry”
Strawberry cocktail “The Perfect Strawberry” is a creation signed Brasserie Central's Thierry Germain, and it's my absolute favorite Montreal cocktail discovery of 2012, a sort of boozed up smoothie that goes down with a hint of heat and zing, courtesy of the recipe's call for ginger and fresh basil.

Raspberry Cocktail B&B Berry and Bourbon
Raspberry cocktail the “B&B” is short for “Berry and Bourbon.” And it might look like a girlie drink but don't be fooled by the color. This raspberry cocktail is all man with its generous serving of bourbon whiskey.

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