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Montreal Festivals: June 2014

Montreal Festivals: June 2014


A Montreal Festivals June 2014 Listing. From holiday fun to nightly distractions, your guide to Montreal festivals and events in June 2014 proposes a little something for every budget and every taste. More on May in Montreal.


Through June 2013
Have Fun For Free
On a tight budget but aching to do something? Anything?! Then you're going to love your ultimate insider's guide to what to do in Montreal for free.

Through June 2013
Ongoing Family Events
Listed are ongoing events and activities perfect for families. A few community activities suitable for older ages are also included.

Through June 2013
Sales, Sales and More Sales
Find out how to save at least 50% on retail in Montreal.

Through June 2013
Sidewalk Sales 2013 Schedule
Deals multiply as streets close off to cars to make way for blowout sales, street food, and more, throughout the summer.

Through June 2013
Outdoor Dancing
From tribal gyrating to outdoor raving, sultry tango to sexy salsa, Montreal moves to the beat of many drums, June through September. Admission ranges from free to affordable. At various locations.

Through June 2013
Montreal Museum Exhibits
A roundup of current exhibits and film presentations at Montreal's leading museums and science centres.

Through June 2013
Buy Jazz Fest Tickets
And check back regularly for further concert announcements or sign up for the About.com Montreal newsletter to stay in the loop. The Montreal Jazz Festival runs from June 28 to July 7 in 2013.

Through June 2013
Montreal Concerts in June
From indie to big ticket.

Through June 2013
Montreal Terraces
Terraces, patios, terrasses ... whatever you call them, they're baaaack.

Through June 2013
Tam Tams
A popular drum and dance activity with locals, and a hit with tourists, every summer Sunday on Mont Royal. Details here.

Through June 2013
Reader-Submitted Events
Have a Montreal event to propose? Submit event information here.

Through June 2013
Place des Festivals
Montreal's chief public square is usually bustling with activity but management has taken it a step further for the 2013 summer season, proposing all sorts of street arts and public performances on daily basis, especially around lunch time and during 5-à-7, Montreal's favorite witching hour. Just show up, find a nice spot to sit, relax and expect pretty much anything to happen. Free admission. At Place des Festivals (map).

June 18 to September 4, 2013
Free Lunchtime Concerts
Indulge in free outdoor jazz, rock, folk, Franco, pop, and RnB performances from noon to 1 p.m. Every Tuesday and Wednesday through the summer. Free admission. At Place d'Armes Square, in front of the Notre-Dame Basilica (map).

June 19 to July 7, 2013
Mondial Choral
Over 200 shows during the course of the musical fest. Including appearances by The Black Keys and Chicago. Admission varies by event, some free. At various venues, with major free shows happening at Espace Montmorency in Laval (map).

June 20, 2013
Hip Hop Karaoke Montreal
This is as good as karaoke gets, which might have something to do with the fact that it's not karaoke. Per se. Details. Admission $5 before 11 p.m., $10 after 11 p.m. At the Belmont (map).

June 21, 2013
Swim for Free Day
“...come on over as a family or with your friends for a free swim at the Beach Plage Doré and Parc Jean-Drapeau's Aquatic Complex to celebrate the arrival of summer in grand style. At the beach: swimming, trampolines, beach volleyball, free boat rides, music, contest and make-up workshops. At the Aquatic Complex: swimming in the gradual-slope pool, inflatable structure, water games for kids and trampolines. Special opening hours 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Free admission. At Parc Jean-Drapeau (map).

June 21 to June 24, 2013
Montreal Baroque Festival
Featuring baroque music in the form of galas, parades and free concerts. Admission varies by event. At various venues.

June 22 to September 2, 2013
Clock Tower Beach in the Old Port
Montreal's favorite swim-free beach is open every day and is free of charge before 5 p.m. At the Quays of the Old Port (map).

Through June 22, 2013
Suoni Per Il Popolo
Italian for “sounds of the people,” Suoni features a slew of indie bands and musical genres. Admission varies by event. At various venues.

Through June 22, 2013
Les FrancoFolies de Montréal
In addition to several pay-to-see indoor concerts, the world's largest French music festival features dozens of free outdoor concerts throughout its run. Indoor concerts at various venues. Outdoor concerts at Place des Festivals (map).

Through June 23, 2013
Montreal Fringe Festival
An irreverent, uncensored, anything goes performance arts festival, over 20 years strong. Expect the best of performance art and the worst of performance art. Acts are chosen via a lottery draw so you never know what you're gonna get. Admission varies by event, often $10 or less. At various venues. Lots of free and affordable outdoor shows, concerts, beer tent action, what-have-you at Fringe Fest epicentre Parc des Amériques (map). Just show up and roam around.

Through June 23, 2013
Crossdressers and Criminals: 3 Ways to Lose Yourself
Crossdressers and Criminals: 3 Ways to Lose Yourself is an intertwined collection of solo pieces featuring three original characters. Jamie Jones describes how he went from a mild-mannered member of society to a wig-wearing protector of the people. Red, the hardened biker girl, recounts how she had to give up her best friend and the effort she went to in order to fill the void. June, always drawn to the ocean, reveals the life or death decision she was forced to make while vacationing in Mexico. In their struggles against adversity and change, they all found themselves, but finding yourself isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…” Presented at the Montreal Fringe Festival. Admission $10 plus service charge. Check with organizers for venue information.

Through June 23, 2013
Jess Salomon’s Obsession
“Everything Jess Salomon comes into contact with she become obsessed with: her iPhone, garbage men, soap star Jack Deveraux on Days of Our Lives, human rights… EVERYTHING! Some people measure their life according to milestones. Jess measures hers according to her various obsessions. Jess Salomon is a former UN war crimes lawyer turned stand-up comic. Montreal Metro called her comedy, 'charming and intelligent'. She calls it, 'raconteur-ish, personal, dirty on a good night'. Her 93 year old grandmother calls it, 'time to go back to law and find a husband'.” Presented at the Montreal Fringe Festival. Admission $10 plus service charge. Check with organizers for venue information.

Through June 23, 2013
The Knocking Within: ANIKAI Dance Theatre
“Inspired by research into the neuroscience of sleep and the anthropology of dreams, The Knocking Within weaves a portrait of two lovers and the nightmares that plague them, unveiling the violence that lies just beneath the surface. With influences from Capoeira to Bharata Natyam, American Sign Language poetry to Kalaripayattu, West African dance to a wide range of Contemporary forms, this work combines a dizzying array of movement vocabulary, woven together into a new language of the body. The piece calls into question the lines we draw between art forms, between cultures, even between methodologies. The Knocking Within draws on texts from Shakespeare, arguably the most recognizable playwright in the English language in the world, including lines from Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello, Twelfth Night, Titus Andronicus and the sonnets, to effect a re-staging of theatre, taking it decidedly into the realm of visual communication. The texts are present but implicit, creating a tension between the permanence of print, the persistence of imbedded cultural stories, and the immanent meaning-making power of bodies moving through space.” Presented at the Montreal Fringe Festival. Admission $8 plus service charge, seniors/students $5 plus service charge. At MAI(map).

Through June 23, 2013
Infringement Festival
Infringing on corporate culture since 2004, the Infringement Festival celebrates “freedom of expression, important activist performances and a broad range of eclectic independent, and controversial art of all forms.” Admission varies by event. At various venues.

Through July 21, 2013
Cavalia's horse circus is back in Montreal, or more accurately, Laval. I had a chance to attend the show and wrote up a review to help you figure out if Odysseo is for you. Details here.

Through July 21, 2013
Musical Brunches
A chamber music ensemble composed of 4 to 6 musicians from the Orchestre Métropolitain perform for free every weekend day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. June 15 through July 21 as well as on Saint Jean Baptiste Day and Canada Day while surrounding restaurants serve brunch to onlookers. Free admission. At Place Jacques-Cartier (map).

Through September 6, 2013
Gay Village Goes Car-Free
An annual tradition since 2008, the Montreal Gay Village turns itself into a car-free, pedestrian zone filled with terraces and special events. Details here.

Through September 22, 2013
Piknic Electronic
Montreal's weekly dance party in the park is back every Sunday. Admission $14. At Parc Jean-Drapeau (map).

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