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Montreal January 2014: Events and Attractions

Montreal January 2014: Events and Attractions


January often feels like a cabin-fevered slowdown of inactivity, but don't be fooled by the temperature dip. There's plenty to do this month such attending a very affordable theatre fest featuring critically acclaimed performances mid-month. Then there's weekend after weekend of igloo-ish raves and every shop-a-holic knows January is a prime month for deals and steals so make the best of the wind chill and read on ...

1. January 2014 Festivals and Highlights

montreal january 2014 festivals events
Sergio Dionisio/Getty Images
Guided forest treks under the stars, Old Montreal's answer to restaurant week, the best of the Banff Film Fest, the largest bridal exhibit in Canada, the city's favorite outdoor dance event of the season ... it's a fantastic month to be in Montreal!

2. January 2014 Music, Concerts, Live Shows

monteal january 2014 concerts events
JAY z performs on January 24, 2014 at the Bell Centre. Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

3. January 2014 Museums, Arts, Science

montreal january 2014 museums exhibits events
Self-Portrait © Lyonel Feininger Family

4. January Weather

montreal january weather
Photo © Evelyn Reid
Welcome to winter in Montreal. The statistically coldest month of the year, you'll curse beautiful days right about now because a sunny one in January nearly guarantees it's bone-chilling cold outside whereas a gray, cloudy day tends to announce a "warmer" outdoor experience likely complemented by snowfall. And if you don't know what wind chill means yet, you'll soon find out.

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5. Montreal Events Submission Form

montreal eents submissions form
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