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Igloofest 2013 Lineup Highlights


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Tommy Four Seven
Igloofest 2013 lineup highlights include one of techno's most promising newbies, Tommy Four Seven.
Photo courtesy of CLR
Among the anointed ones who've spun at Berghain -- think Berlin's, no, the WORLD's best club -- London expat turned Berliner Tommy Four Seven, aka T47, moved away from home for a reason. His original UK base wasn't quite so receptive to his dark, pulsating, minimalist techno, a sound composed of reworked organic and mechanical noises recorded on the field and at home, with Tommy even finding a use for his shower and washing machine, among other random aural inclinations revealing the Brit's heavy accent on sound design, a courtesy of his university background in music technology. Tommy goes as far as to say it was worth maxing out his credit cards to set foot in a city that welcomed his style with open arms, including the likes of diehard techno vet Chris Liebing who quickly took Tommy under his wing and into his label, CLR, dubbing the young producer a frontrunner among the new generation of techno artists.

Tommy Four Seven, along with Chris Liebing, will be closing Igloofest's 2013 edition on Saturday, February 9, 2013. Admission $15 plus service charge. Buy tickets.

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