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Igloofest 2013 Lineup Highlights


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Igloofest 2013 lineup highlights include one of the godfathers of electro, Sasha.
Photo courtesy of Sasha
If anyone on Igloofest's 2013 roster doesn't need an introduction, it's Sasha. He's only one of the top 10 producers the electronic music world has ever seen, with everything the Welsh native touches turning to progressive house gold since his arrival on the acid house scene in the late '80s, whether solo on decks or with his equally iconic long-time collaborator John Digweed. Sasha shared a residency with him at New York's legendary Twilo nightclub, until then Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who'd been tailgating management for years over on-site drug sales and overdoses, found a way to shut it down in 2001 via occupancy regulation technicalities. Shame really, as Digweed went on record saying that Twilo was the best club he'd ever played in.

Fast-forward a decade. Fans have been anxiously waiting for Sasha to release Involv3r, an alleged full-length continuation of its seamless predecessors Involver and Invol2r, with forums speculating over its release date and content since Fall 2011. We're approaching 2013 and still no reliable word on what's up.

Sasha opens Igloofest's 2013 edition on Thursday, January 17, 2013. Admission $15 plus service charge. Buy tickets.

January 8, 2013 UPDATE: it is with intense regret and disappointment that I have to announce that the one and only Sasha, originally booked to open Igloofest's 2013 edition this January 17, just cancelled his appearance. Montreal's own Misstress Barbara will be taking his place. Igloofest is offering a reimbursement option. Refund details.

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