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Igloofest 2013 Lineup Highlights


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Igloofest 2013
Igloofest 2013 lineup highlights include one of the godfathers of electro and more.
Photo courtesy of Igloofest
Igloofest 2013 -- i.e., the 7th edition of North America's hottest subzero winter rave -- is going to be bigger than ever come January and for the first time in Igloofest history, February.

Yes. February.

The outdoor winter music fest is extending its usual three-weekend January run well into February, if only to accommodate the event's massive crowds that just keep growing with every edition as the masses realize that dancing in -10°C weather is, contrary to inexperienced belief, REALLY FUN. And in my experienced experience, it gets hot. I always, inevitably have to open my jacket while I'm dancing, regardless of how cold the night might be. Anyone missing out on Igloofest over weather issues has my sympathy for missing out on one of the most exhilarating dance events on the continent.

And the lineup features some major heavy hitters this edition. Of course, there's not a South American (you hearing me, Hernan Cattaneo?!), nor Mediterranean, nor Southeast Asian native in sight, but an abundance of UK, French, Dutch, American, German, Russian and of course, Canadian talent round out the 2013 Igloofest bill, fearless warriors scoffing at the very notion of frostbite come spin time.

First Igloofest 2013 Highlight: The Electro Godfather

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