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Montreal Pictures on Evelyn's Montreal Blog

Where in Montreal to Wordless Wednesdays


Most Wednesdays, Evelyn's Montreal Headlines features a picture showcasing the many faces of Montreal, from its picturesque landscapes and landmarks to reflections, abstract or transparent, of what's been happening in the city.

Wordless Wednesdays in Montreal
Wordless Wednesdays are a hit all over the Internet as the world wide web floods every Wednesday with pictures that, in theory, are powerful enough to stand on their own without any words. Most participants cheat though, adding à propos titles and/or captions with every image.

Where in Montreal?
A guessing game in pictures alternating with Wordless Wednesdays, try to figure out what Montreal landmark/intersection/neighborhood is depicted. Generally challenging but occasionally obvious, join in and place your guess in the comments section or browse the comments to see more information on the answer!
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