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Allison DuBois: The Real Medium Behind "Medium"

Interview with Allison DuBois


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Allison DuBois with 'Medium' executive producer, Kelsey Grammer.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images
Evelyn: ESP, talking to the dead, clairvoyance, remote viewing ... bringing up anything paranormal seems to polarize people, causing strong reactions across the board, from believers who swear by their experiences to some skeptics who practically swear at those experiences. Why do supernatural topics seem to cause such a strong reaction?
Allison: Well, there's a difference between skeptics and cynics. People who are skeptical are just on the fence. They have to hear a certain thing or see a certain something for the paranormal to make sense to them. Cynics are totally different. They are people who spend their life putting up websites, talking about something they don't understand. To me, that's very different. That's such a good question because quite honestly, what other people do ... as long they're not hurting a child or something, it's like, to each his own, right? And I don't understand why there are [cynics] to whom this matters so much, but they seem to have a lot of anger. And anyone who carries that much anger tells me that it has nothing to do with the supernatural or me, we're just being used as a focus for anger they already harbored in their life so I don't really take it personally. [Cynics] need to prove [the paranormal] doesn't exist, I guess, if this was going to be a fair fight, but nobody asks them to so they're kind of just talking about something they don't know about and throwing mud at the wall to see what will stick. But by and large, people who are intuitives are considered nice, open-minded people but when you say the word "cynic," you never hear "you've got to meet my friend the cynic, he's a real blast, a real nice guy." [Laughter]. So I think that kind of says it right there.

Evelyn: There appears to be this notion or expectation that a real psychic doesn't need to ask questions to conduct a reading and that a real psychic is 100% accurate, on the ball all the time. Do we hold other professions to the same standards?
Allison: I think psychics and mediums are put up to this unrealistic expectation. We're not superheroes, we're just human beings with turned up senses. That's all. Like dogs can hear a whistle that human beings can't. I just think I hear at a frequency that maybe you're not hearing on. I think it's as simple as that. I know a lot of people find it wondrous and I'm glad I can do it, for sure, but I just think I'll never sing like Kelly Clarkson does and some people will never talk to the dead like I do. It's an ability, it's a gift, but it's very human, and I do think there are unrealistic expectations and any psychic medium that says they're 100% is just full of it. Anybody can misread a sign, you know, and saying they're 100% is saying that they're above human.

Evelyn: A sign ... you see images in your mind sometimes. But an image can mean so many different things.
Allison: Exactly. And that's what I love about Medium. They'll show that what she saw is true but she interpreted it incorrectly. And that can happen.

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