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Montreal Politics, Government & City Services

Your guide to the City of Montreal's municipal government and city services including police, fire stations, hospitals, emergency hotline directories as well as information on green initiatives and how to become an involved and informed citizen.

Montreal Student Protests 2012 Timeline
A Montreal student protests 2012 timeline.

Montreal Garbage Collection
A Montreal garbage collection guide. Find out when to take out the trash, recycling, green waste and large objects with this convenient online tool. Includes information on how to dispose of dead leaves in Montreal.

Montreal Garbage Collection & Recycling Schedule During the Holidays
Montreal's garbage collection schedule changes during the holiday season. Find out when to take out the trash and recycling in your neighborhood during Christmas and New Year's.

Montreal Ethics Hotline
A new Montreal ethics hotline was put in operation as of December 14, 2009 in response to several corruption allegations faced by city hall throughout 2009. Anyone witness to a code of conduct violation is encouraged to anonymously report the details.

Montreal Flu Clinics
Montreal flu clinics have been sprouting up since November 9, 2009 in response to what appears to be a growing concern in Quebec and Canada over swine flu, also known as the H1N1 virus. Find out where they are and more important, when you should consider visiting one.

Montreal Elections: Voting Information for Montreal's Upcoming Elections
Montreal elections are coming up November 1st, 2009. Find out everything you need to know about exercising your right to vote in a Montreal municipal election, from registering to vote to how to prove your identity at a board of revisors and more.

Accès Montréal Card - Montreal Access Card Saves Residents Money
Accès Montréal, also called the Montreal Access Card, can save Montreal residents money on everything from movie tickets, the latest museum exhibits, spa treatments and even day camps for kids. Find out how to get your own Accès Montréal card.

Swine Flu Information for Montreal, Quebec and all of Canada
The Public Health Agency advises Canadians on how to prevent the spread of human swine flu, a respiratory illness causing symptoms similar to those of the regular human seasonal flu. Find out what you need to know.

City Compost in Montreal
Twice a year, Montreal residents are given access to a heap of city compost, free of charge at the St. Michel Environmental Complex, located in "circus city" or La Tohu, where Cirque du Soleil international headquarters are located.

What to Recycle in Montreal
So what are the cans and cants of recycling in Montreal? Get informed with your 'What To Recycle in Montreal Guide', including information on recyclable paper, metals, plastics and glass.

Voting in Montreal: Quebec Provincial Elections
When it comes to provincial elections, find out how to register to vote, when to vote and where to go with your guide to voting in Quebec Elections.

Montreal Electoral Divisions for Provincial Elections
Find your electoral division online and get information on your electoral district's voting history, demographics and more.

Vote in Montreal: Canadian Federal Elections
Find out everything you need to know about exercising your right to vote in Montreal in the context of federal elections, from registering to vote to knowing how to prove your identity at the polling station.

City of Montreal Official Website
Links to online city services for both citizens and businesses.

CFCF 12 Montreal Community Action
Get involved in Montreal's welfare and fight poverty in your community. Give donations of food, clothing or money through Montreal's CTV station, CFCF 12's Community Action Program, supporting organizations like Share the Warmth and Bon Dieu Dans La Rue.

SVPM Montreal Police Official Website
Find the police station located in your neighborhood. Get tips on how to prevent assault, fraud and theft. Learn how to report a crime by phone or in person. Includes a missing persons notice board.

Where's My Car: Info-Remorquage Montreal
Did the snowplows get to your vehicle before you did? Find out where your car was towed by entering your license plate number here or call (514) 872-9412.

Montreal 311
Simply dial 311 for more information on city services, to file a complaint and more.

What Montreal Needs to Do to Be a Leading City - What Does Montreal N…
I had a chance to interview Time Supper Club co-owner Stevie B Hamron during Grand Prix Weekend and what Montreal can do to become one of the world's leading cities came up during the interview. He cited the language issue, explaining what he thinks we should do as a city to be on par with urban juggernauts like London, Berlin and Paris. Do you agree with Stevie B? Is he right on the money, compl…

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