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STM Montreal - Montreal's Public Transit System


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STM Montreal - Buses and Taxibuses
Montreal bus service 105 sherbrooke

Montreal's 105 Bus

Photo © Evelyn Reid
The STM bus network is comprised of 170 day routes and 20 night circuits. To consult any bus route map and schedule, just enter the bus route number here. Remember, if you don't already have a pass, have the exact fare for a single ticket if paying in cash.

STM Trip Planner
If you've never used Montreal's public transit system before and need help figuring out what bus is where, type in your departure address and destination address (or intersection) using the STM's Tous Azimuts online service. It will propose three possible trip itineraries. You can also consult the following series of STM maps.

STM Fares
Find out what fare types are available here. Again, when paying on board a bus, only the following passes/payments are accepted: a fare-filled OPUS card, a valid transfer pass, a valid pre-purchased paper pass or exact change to cover a single one-way fare.

Taxibus Service
A lesser known public transit alternative, taxibus services are available in select areas of Ville St. Laurent, Lachine's Industrial Park, Île Bizard, Senneville and other locations lacking adequate bus and/or metro coverage. Users generally call the taxi company in charge of a given area ahead of time and simply need to show their magnetized pass or OPUS card to the taxi driver. For a list of locations serviced by taxibuses, consult the STM Taxibus webpage.

For more information on STM's bus and taxibus services, consult the STM website.
For information on bus service in Laval, consult the STL website.
For information on bus service on the South Shore, consult the RTL website.

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