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What can I do to protect my car from Montreal potholes?


Question: What can I do to protect my car from Montreal potholes?
Potholes can cause significant damage to:
  • tires
  • wheel rims
  • the suspension system
  • shock absorbers
  • front-end wheel alignment
  • hubcaps
  • mufflers
Now for the good news. You can prevent this from happening!
Answer: Take the following precautions and even if you do hit a pothole, the outcome will be far more manageable for your car and your wallet.

Slow down and pay close attention to the road ahead, especially if there's water.
Montreal roads are a minefield in spring time and besides, you've been slowing down all winter so this should come naturally.

Clean your headlights.
Any excuse to maximize your chances of spotting a visually elusive pothole at night is a good one.

Avoid driving too close to the side or center of the road.
Potholes especially love proliferating on the side where street and sidewalk meet. Watch out.

Don't overinflate your tires.
Unless you want your tires to burst on impact. Check your vehicle owner's manual to confirm the optimal tire pressure. It's to your advantage to have properly inflated tires because it saves money on fuel and extends the life of your tires.

Don't underinflate your tires.
It can wreak havoc on wheel rims. Again, check your vehicle owner's manual to confirm optimal tire pressure. And at the risk of sounding like an echo, you'll improve fuel economy and extend the life of your tires if they're properly inflated.

Consult a tire dealer.
A professional will be in the best position to assess uneven wear patterns on your tires, which usually indicate misalignment, and make the necessary adjustments to maximize your car's chances of withstanding a future pothole hit, saving you money in long run. And don't be shy to ask that shocks and brakes be checked as well for optimal pothole prevention.

Find out more about the kind of damage Montreal potholes can inflict on your car by consulting the CAA-Quebec's article on the consequences and costs of hitting a pothole.

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