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Montreal Red Light Cameras: Location of Montreal's Cinémomètres

Map of Montreal's Red Light Cameras or Cinémomètres


montreal red light cameras cinemometres

In English: "Red Light Surveillance Camera," warning sign of an upcoming camera.

Image courtesy of Transports Québec
Montreal's Red Light Cameras: Cinémomètres
From May 19, 2009 until at least February 19, 2011, Montreal will be equipped with three red light cameras, also known as cinémomètres, in the hopes they will reduce the number of drivers running red lights by catching them in the act. They're installed at three distinct intersections deemed accident-prone and difficult for police to monitor in person:
  • on University Street at the corner of Notre-Dame Street;
  • on Ste. Catherine Street at the corner of Iberville Street; and
  • on Décarie Boulevard at the corner of Paré Street.
Click here to view a map of Montreal's red light cameras.

Click here to view a video released by Transports Québec explaining how the red light camera surveillance system works (in French) and check out this list of Montreal road surveillance FAQs for more information.

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