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The Montreal Tea Room Scene

Soothing Tea Houses, High Tea Salons and Tea Shops


Gone are the days of sipping tea only in the afternoon at upscale hotels such as the Ritz Carlton's Café de Paris or in private clubs like Mount Stephen. Since the late '90s, more casual and accessible tea rooms has been quietly taking over, adding multicultural flair to the tea time experience as well as offering a welcome alternative to coffee shops. Whether you visit in the spring, when tea houses boast the freshest tea leaves of the year, or seek comfort from the winter cold over a hot cuppa, you don't need a special occasion to enjoy these hot spots on the Montreal tea room map.

1. High Tea Salons

montreal tea rooms
David Freund / Getty Images
Afternoon tea time used to be a daily ritual only afforded to the elite and higher echelons of upper crust society in England in the 19th century when it was first popularized as a lunch and dinner go-between. Well, a lot has changed in the last century or so.

2. Montreal Tea Rooms, Tea Shops and Tea Stores

montreal tea rooms shops stores
Photo courtesy of Cha Noir
Interested in a cuppa, but not so much the rituals of high tea time? Maybe you just want to plop yourself down at a table and type away at your laptop while sipping on a rare brew. Maybe you just want to pick up 100 grams of the same said brew and savor it at home.

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