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Best Poutine in Montreal


Ravaging arteries across Quebec since 1957, poutine is more than just a culinary staple in Montreal. From analyzing critical factors such as does-the-cheese-squeak to assessing gravy thickness and color, finding -- and more often, arguing over what is -- the ultimate poutine is a proud citywide obsession. Best known as a dish combining fries, cheese curds and gravy, there are enough variants on the basic recipe to rival pizza or even sushi -- kamikaze poutine anyone? So when you're ready to take poutine to the next level, check out these picks bound to please the most adventurous taste buds.

Twenty-Five Variations on a Heart Attack: La Banquise

Photo © Evelyn Reid
Open 24/7 in the heart of the Plateau District, La Banquise offers a dangerously delicious selection of 25 different poutines, going from classic pork larded fries, ample fresh curds and sauce to pushing the limits of the human digestive system with T-Rex. Piling bacon, ground beef, pepperoni and smoked sausage on top of an already calorie-stuffed poutine base, meat lovers have the option of adding smoked meat, merguez, and italian sausage to their T-Rex poutine ... as extras. Go ahead. I dare you.

Location: 994, Rachel East, corner of Boyer, (514) 525-2415
Get there: Mont-Royal Metro

Poutine With a Buzz: Patati Patata

Photo © Evelyn Reid
Who knew Patati Patata -- a trendy and tiny Plateau diner -- serves poutine with red wine sauce? A consistent favorite among locals (some are willing to eat standing if the 13 seats are occupied), Patati Patata's version of gravy goodness is a must-try for any self-respecting poutine fan.

Location: 4177 St Laurent, corner of Rachel, (514) 844-0216
Get there: Mont-Royal Metro

Haute Poutine: Foie Gras Poutine at Pied de Cochon

There are some things every Montrealer should try at least once. But is expecting foie gras poutine to make the top ten bordering on dense? Not so, according to fans of perpetually packed Pied de Cochon on Duluth Street. Foie gras is generously spread over curd cheese and fries and served with a double take of rich foie gras sauce. The sauce is so good that it's sold on its own to local clients attempting the foie gras poutine recipe at home.

Location: 536 Duluth East, corner of Berri, (514) 281-1114
Get there: Sherbrooke Metro

Health First: Vegan Poutine at Aux Vivres

Rumor has it vegan restaurant Aux Vivres offers its brand of poutine as a special menu item on occasion, offering the most balanced and organic poutine out there -- really. We just wish it was available every day.

Location: 4631 St-Laurent, corner of Villeneuve, (514) 842-3479
Get there: St. Laurent Metro

It's Not Just About the Poutine: Le Club Sandwich

Photo © Evelyn Reid
A gorgeous three-story diner with '50s flair in Montreal's Gay Village, Le Club Sandwich offers nice poutine: the cheese squeaks and the fries have a certain crisp to them. There's nothing outstanding about the dish itself but weigh in surrounding factors like the flashy decor/dance beat ambiance and the invariably attractive and attentive waiting staff and somehow, that "good" poutine becomes great. Linger on one of Le Club's many terraces as you take in the urban view. Open 24/7, it's the perfect spot to satisfy hunger pangs after a night of clubbing and bar hopping.

Location: 1578 Sainte-Catherine East, corner of De Champlain, (514) 523-4679
Get there: Papineau Metro

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