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Le Bremner


Le Bremner: Chuck Hughes' Haute Diner
le bremner montreal restaurant chuck hughes seafood diner

Le Bremner, Montreal celebrity chef Chuck Hughes' new "seafood diner" opened in early July 2011. Less than a week later, Le Bremner became the (arguably) hottest foodie property in town.

Le Bremner Logo courtesy of Chuck Hughes
July 19, 2011 - Celebrity chef Chuck Hughes calls his latest baby, Le Bremner, "a kind of a seafood diner." Montreal foodies call it the hottest restaurant of the moment. And if Le Bremner ends up a repeat of Hughes' success with Garde-Manger -- his original culinary haunt whose popularity is often attributed to Hughes' high profile via Food Network's Chuck's Day Off -- expect said diner to hang onto that 15-minute title for another year. Or three.

Having opened itself to public scrutiny since early July 2011 with a zero-fanfare-no-press-release-nothing-nada launch after a few tests and trials with friends and VIPs, Le Bremner is, naturally, already booking up weeks ahead, so do make reservations, which might be tricky because the hot spot has no website, or even a street sign more specific than "Restaurant" to indicate where it's located. Be sure to jot down the address, as indicated below.

Le Bremner: Menu Items
According to Roasted Montreal, the menu consists of "Chilled Items" (e.g., raw albacore tuna), "From Outside" (e.g., oysters), "Bread & Cheese" (e.g., bacon cheddar focaccia with scallions), "From the Stovetop" (e.g., naan pizza), "From the Broiler," (e.g., spicy bass with edamame), "Vegetables" (e.g., rapini with anchovies and chopped eggs) and dessert. Sources concur the Kimchee Snow Crab with Crispy Rice Cake and the Lobster Parfait are must-tries.

Le Bremner: Price Range
Again, according to Roasted Montreal, expect to spend around $75 per person, with wine, taxes and tip. Menu items range from $10 to $40 and wine ranges from $35 to $140 a bottle. Prices may change without notice.

Le Bremner: Dress Code?
Not really. Anticipate casual to business casual.

Le Bremner: Atmosphere/Decor
Small. Cozy. Down to earth.

Le Bremner: To Make Reservations
Call (514) 544-0446 to make reservations.

Le Bremner: Address
361 St. Paul East, Old Montreal, Quebec H2Y 1H2

Getting There
Champ-de-Mars Metro

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